Monday, September 22, 2008

Bye bye dish TV

My husband decided that paying $70 a month for TV is ridiculous--and I do agree--so he cancelled it all (I like cancelled with two l's rather than just one). We have no TV--no local channels, nothing. Couldn't he at least have just downgraded a bit? I don't watch that much TV, but I'm thinking about my few addictions like: Intervention, The Cleaner, True Life, American Idol, The Nick Jr. shows that buy me some time to get the dishes done, all the home channels that you can have on with a toddler in the room and get some adult tv with no swearing, Jon and Kate plus 8, The Deadliest Catch, and all my cheesy movies on LMN. Ahhhhh, I will survive. Unfortunately, all the shows I happen to watch are most likely not on the internet. I guess we will be reading more in this house. . . wait, that means having an extra moment to sit with some peace and quiet--well, maybe the paper will actually get read now--instead of going right into the recycling. We will most likely be digging out all our old VCR tapes for some entertainment. I'm counting on all my blog buddies to keep me updated on all the current pop culture happenings--as if I wasn't already in the dark. I'm off to go do something. . . probably outside. (Hubby should have cancelled TV during the summer--not when winter is coming!)

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Sabrina said...

ooooh i am thinking about doing the same... but its almost winter!! what to do. But until then you are welcome to come over and watch all the cable you want! :)