Friday, December 19, 2008

Have you ever seen that movie "The Money Pit"? The one with Tom Hanks and "Diane" from Cheers (I just cannot remember her real name). I love that movie! The premise is the happy couple buying their dream million dollar home that ends up needing to be totally revamped and destroying their relationship along the way. Their house is really cool, too, by the way. Well, our house isn't a million dollar home (not even close) and construction hasn't destroyed our relationship (yet) but what I can only laugh about is in the movie, they keep asking when the work is going to be done and the construction guys always say "two weeks" (and the work takes months and months to get done.)

I don't know why I feel stressed out about having a big hole in my house with all these Minnesota snow storms coming, a creepy construction guy (whom I am not giving access to my house while we are gone for Christmas--that is if we are able to even leave for Christmas--but I shouldn't have to worry because the "two day" job is supposed to be done today after only two weeks have actually gone by). It is annoying at the fact that my house wreaks like cigarettes after he leaves and that his pick-up truck looks like it is going to drop off the bed at any moment--oh yeah, let's not forget the strong aroma of gasoline that has leaked from his truck into our driveway--in the very spot he goes to have a cigarette break. I swear there is going to be an explosion! Maybe you will see me on the news!!! He has used all of my bubble wrap to insulate the hole (and Craig's Viking blanket--which is now nailed to the wall to keep the cold air out.) Seriously--all you can do is laugh. Wouldn't you ask somebody if it was okay to put nails through their blanket--and wouldn't you expect the construction guy to have his own "professional" supplies to complete a job correctly?

At least we know the window guy. . . . who knows when that chaos will start!

On that note. . . is anybody else feeling overwhelmed with Christmas right around the corner? I don't know why I feel that way. I think it is just the unknown if we will be able to drive home to WI. I love all this snow. . . I really do. . . but I will be praying for good roads on Christmas Eve day for sure!! I still have so much to do. Kaiti is coming over tomorrow. She has been moved to "we don't need to clean our house for you" status. There just isn't time--and I'm still living with the unknown--as in--will I need to leave the house while the creepy construction guy opens the big hole up and exposes our house directly to the outside freezing cold air forcing me and my babies to venture out into the snow storm to go somewhere warm. That status just shows how close we feel we are to her and no longer need to pretend to be somebody we are not. And right now. . . we are not a clean family! :0) I am waiting to clean our spit-up infested carpet until after the windows are done (and hopefully the creepy guy will be done by then too!)

It's time for me to start making my list of things NOT to forget IF we are able to go to parent's for Christmas and the list of things we need to get done before we go--and when we are supposed to get those things done (and shovel the driveway, and go to work, and spend some quality time with Kaiti, and cook a meal for my husband's boss whom just had a baby and deliver it during the next snowstorm on Sunday, and take care of my sweet and adoring children!) Hey, chaotic bliss--what more could you ask for. Despite all of this, we have found plenty of time to have fun--which is probably why the house is not even close to being presentable!

And, Jakob surprised all of us by marching right up to Santa and getting right on his lap. Who knows where that came from since he is terrified of pretty much everything. I guess I have the TV to thank for that since Santa has made some guest appearances on Go, Diego, Go! and Dora the Explorer. He didn't say anything--at all--but later told me all he wanted for Christmas was a sucker. That's an awful tall order, Santa! Merry Christmas everyone!


Scott, Joanna, Matthew said...

Good luck with the creepy construction guy! My husband installs cabinets in new construction homes and in remodeled homes and it is amazing some of the crazy things that happen in the construction world.

It feels like Christmas came so fast. We are really excited about Christmas this year. We got the best Christmas present ever-MATTHEW!!!! It is amazing how a baby can change your whole perspective of the holidays!

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Sabrina said...

Have a wonderful and safe christmast!!! Hopefully we can get together after the new year???

Big hugs to you and the fam!!!!