Monday, June 8, 2009

Good things!

Weird things are happening over here at our blissfully chaotic household. My little Jada, whom just turned 10 months on June 30th, seems to have picked up walking in a couple of days. Now it seems like that is all she wants to do. Between that and her teeth--she is constantly wanting to nap, for about 10 minutes, eat and play play play. What is happening to my not so little baby girl?!?

And Mr. Jakob--was in potty training boot camp today. Every 20 minutes we took a trip to the potty. If he didn't go within a couple of minutes, I had him get off and try again in 20 minutes. Then later in the afternoon, I was folding laundry on the floor while Jada was eating her lunch in her highchair (which she will try to climb out of if you don't watch her) and Jakob was running with his vacuum back and forth making a ton of racket. Then in a moment's notice it got quiet--and before I realized it I panicked. When you stay home with your kids--you pretty much know them inside and out and when it suddenly gets quiet and Jakob disappears--I know he is most likely pooping--today it would be IN HIS UNDERWEAR! I went back to find him and opened the bathroom door--and there sat Mr. Jakob on his potty chair--with his underwear off. He told me he was pooping on the potty, so I told him to call me when he was done. I left and did a cartwheel (inside my head) and in a couple of minutes heard this tiny little voice calling--"mamaaaa." He did it! ALL BY HIMSELF! He also got up from nap to pee on the potty while I was in the shower. Oh can you imagine the excitement in our household?!?!?!

Then, our package from cottonbabies dot com showed up. We had some minor issues with the velcro straps on our diaper liners and I called the company to inquire how to go about fixing them and they told me the diapers were still under warranty and to send them in to be replaced. Now, that is AWESOME! Not only because we get to have brand new liners--but because they will last even longer now if Mr. Jakob continues to not have to wear them! Yippppeeeeeee!! Maybe they will be around for baby number three. . . .

Tomorrow night we have our photo shoot for the Celebrating Adoption program (weather permitting). We get a free session with a photographer who participates in the program and some free photos. She will also offer us 15% off anything more that we would like to order. We are very excited since we have only done professional photos for Jakob on his 1st birthday. Most people who participate in this program will often get the curly sweet newborn pictures, but Jada was never a curly sleepy baby and we wanted a chance to get some awesome family photos. We are using Amy with 3 Peas Photography and are very excited! I hope the weather holds out for us! If it doesn't, we can reschedule--but we are just so excited to do this we don't want to wait any longer!

If you need some good Karma--we have it here! Rub your fingers on my blog or something and I'm sure it will come your way! For now, I have a walking video for you to see. All my other pictures are on the other computer in the bedroom where hubby is fast asleep (and starts work at 5 am--total ISH!) so I just can't go wake him to use the computer--it will light up the whole room--AND the sound of typing will for sure wake him up! :0) Enjoy!!


...sensible of shoe said...

I rubbed your blog! Your photographer looks amazing. I can NOT wait to see your pics!

Sabrina said...

Milestones all around! Congrats on all the good things! I can't wait to see the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Jada's walking video is super cute! Great job to Jakob for using the potty! Can't wait to see the pictures-I am sure there will be lots of cute ones and believe me it is hard to choose just a few when there are lots of cute pictures!

Heather of the EO said...

Wow, busy busy stuff. I love early walkers, all that toddling and drunk stumbling. :)

And potty least favorite mom job by far.. oi.

To answer your question, no we weren't at the Cub in Bloomington. We were at the Rainbow in Roseville. :)

Triebenbachs said...

Boot Camp, maybe that's what I need to try. :P