Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother and Child

This is something that I have to see.  In fact, it will the first date night for hubby and me since, well, um, maybe since Craig's work Christmas party. . . but I don't think that counts as a date.  That's kind of something you have to do.  It will be the first time out where we are the only two and have only ourselves to converse with.  haha!  I'm sure I will just be crying during the movie anyway, AND, we seriously wouldn't be offended if any of our Minnesota adoption friends showed up too. 

Here's the trailer page on facebook.

Hopefully it will be coming soon to your neck of the woods!  Here's the showtime scheduleHere's the facebook page. 


K and/or K said...

Here is an interesting review I read a while back!

Jamie said...

John and I gave up going to the movies in 1994, and I haven't missed it a bit! (: Now date nights are dinners at Subway and quick trips to Walmart. Congratulations on your beautiful new "J!"