Saturday, March 5, 2011


God has sent me some pretty amazing friends throughout my lifetime.  Friends that can call randomly through the years and it's like we were never apart.  Friends that I have met recently and connect with like we've known each other forever.  Friends whom I wish lived closer whom I only know through the internet and phone calls.  Friends who have carried me through the thick and thin.  Friends who have no clue what I have experienced.  Friends who are experiencing the same things as me.  Friends who know.  Friends who get it.  Friends who don't.  Friends who show up when I need them the most.  Friends who bring a meal just because.  Friends who send things in the mail just because.  Friends who email or call just because.  All serving their purpose for whatever reason in my life.  Gosh, I am so very lucky and I appreciate each and every one of them!  My biggest wish is that my kids will someday feel as blessed as me to have the awesome friends that God has brought to my life.  At the very least, I feel confident that they love each other.  Gosh I love them all so very much!  sniff sniff  (my kids and all of my friends!)


Sabrina said...

It's such a blessing to have a good friends! :)

shauna said...

lol, i think we are friends who have never met, but already think alike ;) I have been meaning to post on my blog for over a week now about almost the exact same thing you wrote here - lol. If I get the time, maybe I can write it today. I just thought that was funny ;) yes, friends are awesome!!