Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

It is so hot outside...and I am a winter girl.  Tonight, Jakob and Jada went outside to play for a short stint.  As they walked out the deck door, hubsters told them not to get soaking wet.  HA!  They ventured out to the uncovered sandboxes.  I think there is more water in there than sand.  We got some MAJOR jungle style rain on Saturday.  First, Jada was 'stirring' the water, then she got in, then Jakob followed, then they were dancing, then they were sitting in the water, then they were laying in it (remember, there is sand in there too), then their white clothes were brown from the dirty water, then they took their shirts off, then their shorts, then the diaper and underwear came off.  It was funny--until you remember we have people in the neighborhood who I certainly don't want to catch a glimpse of my children in the buff.....then I went out to tell them to come in, and THEN, they started running around the yard so I couldn't catch them.  It was the most hilarious thing ever, but I couldn't laugh, and I couldn't take pictures, but all I could do was think how awesome it is that they are having such a fun summer and that I can't wait until Jenay is out their running with them and I hope and pray they are all the best of friends forever.  Childhood innocence....I hope we can hang onto that for a very long time! 

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Mike and Katie said...

I was outside bleaching out the pool. Overnight, nasty mold grew on the sides. Anyways, it was raining but it was like taking a warm shower. So then Amanda and I went outside to pick raspberries in the rain. I imagined this what what living in the rainforest is like. Fun to experience but glad it's not like this all the time.