Friday, February 29, 2008

Who has immunity?

It is ironic that I was just boasting last week that I have not been sick all winter--thinking I am almost super human, special, and, of course, lucky to be avoiding all this . . . then all of a sudden it hits me. . . . Yes, I'm sick. I had to call in sick to work (teaching my cycle class) for the first time ever. I was almost feeling like I was getting better too--feeling a bit guilty for not teaching. Then God decided to remind me that I am just as human as the next person and I woke up feeling worse than ever. You gotta love Him for that. He knows just when we need to be reminded of our humanis.

I am feeling blessed, however, that we had no scheduled plans for this weekend--other than me wanting to get to Office Depot for their 49 cent color copy sale--we had one of our new profiles taken on the 27th--yessssssssss---that is just two days ago--evidently they are very visually appealing and everyone wants a mailer. Hopefully this round will produce more than just a "maybe"--but, if not, we are going to need more since I only made 10 mailers because we ran out of ink. If you want to see our new profile. . . you will have to visit myspace. I'm not quite brave enough to post it on here.

Now what was I talking about. . .oh yeah, things I want to get done--like, redeeming all the formula checks that expire today and picking up the $1300 worth of Pevonia product that I scored for $250 (ummmm, yes, most of it will be resold on ebay--with an acutal retail value of $250 staying at home with me!)--I am so excited!! I will at the very least make my money back. . . so that is how I creatively afford the material things I feel I need to have in my life. Personally, I prefer to not have an acne ridden face at the age of 37--so I actually consider it a necessity. . . but I'm sure there is someone out there who could argue my position on that.

So, hopefully I can muster up enough energy to get out on this cold and dreary day with my sweet baby boy (who really isn't a baby anymore)--and I pray that he doesn't get sick. At least to pick up my product. . . and then we can go to our retail store tonight after dinner for the formula and copies--as a family field trip.

There will be no pictures on this blog--I wouldn't want to pass my sickness along to anyone. I am definitely humbled today with my lack of ability to go on with normal life. I am not well, but I am definitely feeling human, realizing that there is really nobody who can claim immunity to it all--except God. I should probably now wash my water bottle.


Sabrina said...

Oh dear! i feel your pain! sickness is no fun!! take care and get well soon!!!!

...sensible of shoe said...

There is the guy I work with, Phil, who will accost you with Zicam at the slightest hint of a cold. Even if you do not want Zicam he will come and squirt it into your mouth and yell art you to get your own vial becaase it is a "miracle drug". Even when he does get sick he swears it would have been much worse without the Zicam.

I miss him!

jodilee0123 said...

Zicam makes me feel nauseated. . . although, the way I feel now--nausea would probably be a blessing! No signs of recovery yet.