Thursday, March 6, 2008

Who ever thought. . . .

. . .that I could be such a big influence? I am such a Carmex freak. . . I always have some with me--and if I don't. . . THERE IS GOING TO BE A CRISIS!! Well, Jakob sees me putting it on all the time and loves to hold the Carmex tube for me. (I will leave the cap on and he will "pretend" to put some on his lips.) He will carry it around for hours!

Well, a friend gave us a golf cart vehicle for Jakob to play with. It has holes in it to store the golf clubs. . . and it is hollow inside. . . a perfect place for a two year old to "put" things. Unfortunately. . . the hole is quite small and things don't come back out very easily. Today Jakob was looking in the hole and really wanting all the little things back that he had shoved in the cart. . . like some kleenex, game pieces, dice, crayons, and some odd pink thing--that our friend's children must have put in there when they used the car. We tipped it upside down, shook it, turned it, poked things in there and amazingly. . . got everything out!!

I knew he would be in heaven once he realized what the little pink thing was. It is a toy version of some lipstick. I know, Jakob is a boy. . . and I don't wear lipstick either. But, I do wear Carmex!! Jakob is obsessed with this tube of plastic lipstick. Every five seconds he needs to put some on. He sat in the rocking chair for almost a whole 1/2 hour just opening it, putting some on, and then closing it back up. Just too cute!! I knew I was addicted--but is this what he sees in me? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!! I can't wait until Daddy gets home to witness this new obsession.


Sabrina said...

That is the best! Love it! I know many boys who are also addicted to their "lipstick" too! I surely am addicted to mine, but it really is lipstick\lipgloss!
Are you all well now?

Jessie said...

Such cute pictures and I love his shoes! Thanks for leaving the nice comment at my blog. I've moved my regular blog to but my adoption blog is going to stay on blogspot. Feel free to visit anytime!