Sunday, April 20, 2008


So, my city has a garbage pick-up every year--the kind where once a year you can put out just about anything and they will take it away--except for the things like tires, toilets, tv's, computers, etc. BUT--being a Bloomington resident. . . we do have a hazardous waste center where we can drop our things off for free! Yes, free folks!! AND--you can shop there too--for things like paint, cleaners, or anything that can't be thrown away in the garbage. It's cool.

I have issues with "dumpster diving", so to speak. I love to see what people are throwing away and can usually find some kind of use for what people think is garbage. I told myself that I wasn't going to drive around this year mainly because gas is too expensive--so, on Thursday after my church group. . . I just went around a few blocks by the church--since it was pretty much on the way. Jakob was screaming with delight when I found a little plastic tricycle for him and then went crazy when I found an outdoor rocking toy--in perfectly good condition. I just can't believe the things people throw away. I did pass up on a lot of things as I forgot to take all of the junk out of the back of the minivan. I prayed that somebody else would come find it. I could have made a small fortune reselling that stuff on craigslist. . . .but lunch was calling!

The coolest thing happened while doing this. . . Our church's nursery is in desperate need of a changing table that isn't about to flop over at any given moment. I kind of made it my project to find one on craigslist or at a garage sale. Well, guess what I found? Yup! In the garbage. . . . I am totally in awe with what people throw away. It is sad, really--especially here in the cities where you can just call ARC and they will come pick up your stuff. So, back to the changing table. My husband thought it was definitely a sight for sore eyes. I just knew it had potential. I could see it! Because today was the NICEST day so far of this year. . . I decided to revamp my little garbage find. It was a perfect excuse to be outside during Jakob's nap. I dug out some of our left over paint and went to work.

I think many people feel they don't have enough left over to give--to charities, to their communities, to their church--and then they don't go--because they are embarrassed that they don't have any money to give. (Believe me, I know. . . essentially being a one income family--AND--saving money to adopt again.) My advice? A little creativity and a lot of sweat equity will be much more valuable to your family, friends, community, church, congregation, even your environment, and of course, GOD! Here's my little gift. Yes, it would have been easier to just run out and buy one. . . but I sure saved a lot of money this way!!

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I paid $100+ for one just like that!