Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I have an obsession with cutting my hair. You could say it runs in our DNA as my sister is a hair stylist (and owns her own salon back in WI--which is the main reason why I don't have her cut my hair). I have always had jobs where I needed to have my hair pulled out of my face. . . like working with teens and spending the day playing sports with them, serving drinks at a bowling alley, teaching aerobics, nannying, being at home with my son--well you get the idea--so fortunately--it really hasn't been necessary that I have a great hair style. I wasn't blessed with great hair anyway--I could probably blame it on all the teasing and Aquanet hairspray used back in highschool (yes, I am a true 80's girl--and I did have cool bangs!)--but it is most likely just my shortcoming (or the fact that I am too cheap to buy expensive products to use on my hair and actually take the time to style it)--so it is a good thing that it mostly needs to be pulled back. Anyway. . .my hair is getting really short--for some reason I have been snipping away at it these past few days. I need to work on my obsession before I don't have any hair left!! I suppose I could have used that tax rebate money that is coming to get my hair done--but now I can just put it in the bank and save it for something really special! Hmmmmmm. . . I wonder what that would be?

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Sabrina said...

It really is quite addicting... its like once you start chopping, you cant stop stopping. ;)