Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So, we didn't get back as much as we hoped from the government. . . I think it had something to do with our adoption federal tax credit because we certainly didn't make THAT much money! :0)

I have been researching bike trailers for the last two days and finally found one that seemed to fit our needs and we SPLURGED! WHAT A GREAT BARGAIN FOR THE MONEY!! If you must know. . . I did search for this kind on craigslist and didn't find any--but it is quite a bit cheaper than the Burley and has more storage space for our grocery store runs and even garage sale adventures! Jakob did not whine once--HONEST! In fact, he loved it!! He didn't even put up a fuss about his bike helmet--UNTIL the ride was over.

This is a really bad picture of me. . . totally gross, unshowered, no sense of style, and hair that is out of control. But, I COULD NOT WAIT TO TRY OUT THE TREK TRAILER!! Craig's butt was awful sore when we were done--it's a good thing I've been teaching cycle class--mine was just fine! Oh yeah, I almost NEVER go without a helmet--and here I am caught in a picture without it--so I can't say never! It will never happen again. . . I was just too excited to get out and my helmet is in the back of Craig's pick-up truck which is parked at his work. I was going to buy one at the bike shop--but they were $40 there--so I'll be making a Target run for a new helmet and a good lock!! What fun this summer is going to be!!

Now I just need to work on my bike so it actually shifts into more than two gears and fix the kick stand so it doesn't bend and move when you really need it. I suppose the brakes could use a tune up--and I most likely need a new chain and tires. After all, my bike is about 16 years old!! All original parts! :0)

And lastly. . . if you need a lawn boy--I may know somebody who would enjoy watering your grass!!


...sensible of shoe said...

I want one! What a cute lawn boy you have, just like on Desperate Housewives.

*~JESSIE~* said...

So cute! What an adorable yard boy!