Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Just because I love to avoid anything that I'm really supposed to be getting done. . . .and I'm not all that good at copying and pasting things either--so I apologize. It's kind of like that "telephone" game you play when you are a kid and whisper into each other's ears and see what the message is at the end of the line. . . .

♥5 Things I Can't Live Without Under $10:
1. Diet Mt. Dew
2. Carmex
3. PT on the NET--my latest addiction
5. Gee. . . .I can't think of any other desperation!

5 Favorite Girl Baby Names:
1. Jaylin
2. Steffi
3. Marta
4. Andrea
5. LeRae

5 Favorite Boy Baby Names:
1. Jakob--of course!
2. Bode
3. Samuel
4. Jebediah
5. Audi

5 Songs You Could Listen to Over and Over:
1. I'll Be - Edwin McCain
2. Amazing Grace - Chris Tomlin
3. I'm Feeling Yummy - Gwen Stefani
4. Three Little Birds - Bob Marley
5. Imagine - John Lennon

5 Things That Stay In My Handbag At All Times:
1. Carmex
2. Wallet
3. Diaper and some spare wipes in a baggie
4. crumpled receipts
5. Some kind of snack for when I need to bribe Jakob

5 Obsessions I Have Right Now:
1. Jakob
2. Garage sales
3. PT on the NET
4. flowers
5. Some really silly games on facebook

5 Places I'd Love to Go:
1. A match meeting. . . . just one for now would be nice
2. Hennepin County Juvenile Court--to finalize an adoption
3. Did I mention that it would be cool to have a match meeting? I'd go anywhere for it!
4. Oregon--for sure!!
5. If I was ever brave enough--I would love to go to Australia!


...sensible of shoe said...

Yes, a match meeting would be very good! What is PT on the Net?

Sabrina said...

SHE'S BAAACK!!! Kinda like baby got back, but better!