Sunday, October 12, 2008


We had the most FABULOUS weekend WAY up-north in Gooseberry Falls! You may think we are nuts to go on a vacation with a 2 3/4 year old and a 2 month old, but we haven't been ANYWHERE (except grandma and grandpa's) since Jakob was born!

  • Craig forgot the directions and we didn't even know the name of the place we were staying at--after a few second guesses and a turn around back to the nearest town for gas--we found it! (We didn't argue too much over that one--haha!)
  • You had to hip chuck our door to get in. . . and it was loud--not good while kids are napping.
  • On our second night, we realized that our microwave didn't work so I convinced Craig to go work his charm to get us a discount on our stay. (It actually worked in Alaska when the remote didn't work at the hotel with only 3 channels.) He came back with a microwave in his arms. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants!
  • It sounded like the walls were caving in every time the heat came on. I cracked up every single time!
  • The shower was barely big enough for me to fit into and once inside--you either got scalding hot or freezing cold water that came shooting out like a knife cutting your back.
  • I was so kindly blaming Craig for the odd smells in the room and when he took Jakob's diaper off (while Jakob was standing) his poo poo fell out all over the floor! hahahaha!
  • Jakob's temper tantrums were quite the show--having them when we had to leave the parks or other activities. I could hardly blame him--it was so beautiful everywhere who would want to leave?
  • The turn dial TV that got 2 channels of reception.

  • Our little Jada slept through both nights for 8 hours!!
  • The blueberry cream pie at Betty's Pies!!
  • Feeding the seagulls--that was SO MUCH FUN! Craig and I used to feed them all the time when we didn't have children, but to hear Jakob laugh so hard was simply amazing!
  • The old fashioned thunder/lightening storm on Saturday night--great for sleeping (and keeping Jakob in bed since he was a little bit frightened of the "boom boom in the sky."


We have a million pictures and I hope to finish a little digital scrapbook of our trip before Christmas. We are already planning our trip for next year!!


...sensible of shoe said...

Looks like the perfect fall trip! Good for you! Sounds like you may need to find a better hotel next time though!~

Sabrina said...

Wow, love the pics and stories! You look so happy and content walking along with your children. :)

K and/or K said...

Wow--these pictures are amazing! Like a fantast land right in our state--who knew?