Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Piece of Cake!

I just have to say hats off to all you moms out there who make things look so easy! I think about my struggles as a parent and wonder how my very own mother made our lives so magical, cooked all our meals, cleaned all our rooms, did all of our laundry, did a great portion of our homework (while I slept!), and still managed to keep the house in order and have friends and a social life. And I remind you that she was 10 years younger than me with three children.

My mother had my little sister at the age of 40--so it's not that I feel old--I just wonder when I will magically feel organized and able to keep the house clean, have some meals prepared for my husband (who has been working unGodly hours lately), and feel like I have people to socialize with other than through cyberspace. (Don't get me wrong--all I really have time for right now are cyber friends--and I love all of you with my whole heart--but there is something to be said about "live" interaction in a social setting other than with people at work.)

The only thing I feel that I am not lacking in as a person is making my childrens' lives magical--even if it is in a messy house with last minute dinners consisting of scrambled egg tortillas--which was my idea, but my husband actually cooked. We worked too darn hard to get these beautiful beings in our family--so I'm not going to miss out just to have a clean bedroom. I'm getting better. . . and have been pretty good about letting go of a lot of junk and then recompiling it by shopping on craigslist. But--here are some moments that make every minute of my life so completely worth it! :0)



Sabrina said...

As long as you are content, as long as you love your hubby and children dearly... You have EVERYTHING together! :)
You are wonderful and a super awesome mom Jodi!!!

Ryan, Jamie, Reed, Ella, and Baby said...

Don't worry Jodi. I think every mom struggles to find that balance everyday. Your kiddo's look so happy and they will love you even if the house is messy and dinner consists of PB sandwiches. As long as you have eachother. God sent you two beautiful little blessings and He also gave you the Grace you need to be the best mommy you can be. Which is an amazing mommy from what I've seen. Miss you guys!
Blessings and Love, Jamie

...sensible of shoe said...

Oh go on! Thanks though, I know I do make it look easy. What can I say, I AM supermom!