Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ahhhhhhh. . . things are so content here.  Well, besides baby Jada running a fever and sounding like a seal and barely being able to breath.  Jenay is doing pretty well with her sleeping.  She sporadically has some nights where she seems to be experiencing acid reflux--and up most of the night--mostly on the nights where Jada is up on and off with her sickness.   We are praying the baby doesn't catch anything.  I'm content with her sleeping during the day for now since she isn't around Jada as much.  We are venturing back to the doctor on Friday for a recheck on her weight (unless Jada seems worse tomorrow, warranting an earlier visit.)  Jakob is holding his own. . . and has been active with dad outside.  He is coughing too.  I blame it on preschool.  He is on spring break now, so hopefully we can kick it all before we return (only to get sick again when school starts up again! haha!)

Jenay's birthmom came over to visit yesterday.  It was so nice to see her outside of the hospital!  She is a very quiet person (and being that this is really only the second time we have seen her), not much was said.  She just held Jenay and I took lots of great photos!  I know you want to see photos. . .but we will respect her privacy.  Jenay looks just like her, so, really, you know what she looks like! :0)  I just adore her and look so forward to building a relationship with her and watching her grow in her life--heck--I hope to be a part of that process!  Jakob wanted her to stay and Jada could say her name perfectly.  They sure like to show off when we have people over.  I hope she didn't think our family is too wild! :0)  I hope she knows that she is so loved by our entire family.  I didn't want to be all creepy mushy to her on her first visit to our house.  We talked with Jakob about who she is and that she is Jenay's birthmom.  I asked him who his birthmom was and he said, "Kaiti", then I asked him who Jada's birthmom was and he said, "Carmen."  So, he's getting it.  It made me feel like I'm doing something right with explaining this whole adoption thing with my kids.  I really couldn't ask for better!  We are so blessed, so very blessed! 


...sensible of shoe said...

So happy for you guys! Can't wait to meet her and hear the whole story!!

Sabrina said...

Look at you go! I love it!!! 3 kiddos and living the life! :)
I'm with Megan, can't wait to meet her!!!