Sunday, June 5, 2011

Little things.....more precious than life!

Sometimes the littlest things are so big in your life!  Jenay took her first baby steps today.  I was able to catch some on video.  The sweetest thing EVER!  I'm not sure if I would have ever appreciated something as small as this if I wasn't given all the complicated circumstances in my life.  All I know is I'm thankful that I was here to witness what I believe is truly a miracle! YAY JENAY!!  And just a note:  we are dog sitting for the dog...we are not crazy enough to add a dog to our lives right now, especially when Jakob is not a big fan of dogs anyway.  AND, there is something to be said about a poop free yard with three kids 5 and under!  Sorry about the turned video....I'm unable to rotate it on this computer.  It's not very long anyway.....


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Mike and Katie said...

Love that little girl! She is so sweet! The dog is pretty cute! Part-time dogs are the best kind to have. :)