Sunday, June 29, 2008


Wow! I can't believe our super crazy weekend! I never thought we would get everything done. Friday night I think I just went to bed early to veg out and read my Woman's Day magazine. I love that mag--I don't care what anyone else says. I read really intense books all the time, so I think it is my "sweet escape". I'm not into fashion or make-up and there isn't a fitness magazine that doesn't have anything new for me--being a personal trainer and all. I love our Adoption magazine--but that only comes like 4 times a year.

Saturday morning. . . Craig got up at 5 am and went for a bike ride after doing his computer stuff. He then went to rent an auger to dig the holes for our soon to be totally fenced in yard. The single one didn't work, but while Craig was trying to use it--it was pourning down rain. Jakob and I were inside laughing just a little bit. . . .Anyway--he returned it and brought back the two man. A very good reason to stay in good shape as we are saving about $1200 by installing the fence ourselves! We are both very sore still--but it got done. Although, if you are shorter than me. . . you probably wouldn't be able to use it. After returning the auger. . . we hit the Bloomington farmer's market for the first time--in between the rain showers--and got some fresh lettuce, cilantro, sour worms, dried fruit, some nut snack for Craig and we found the coolest duck family for our flower garden. We spent more than we were planning, but we both fell in love with the ducks and decided to buy them for our anniversary gift to each other--which, by the way is on July 18th--our 10 year!!

We left just in time as it started to pour--AND HAIL--again!! Ran home, got on clean clothes and went to Chuckie Cheese for a friend's birthday party. It was FREEZING in there! Jakob was scared of Chuckie and just wanted to drink the fruit punch. We came home and I left right away to go clean for 4 hours! (had to pay for the ducks somehow!) Came home, ate dinner and went for a bike ride. Went to bed--only to be woken up at 2:30 am by the retired neighbors returning from the bar. . . and deciding it was a good time to go swimming--go figure.

Then, up at 6:30am for a stretching client at the "J"--and off to clean again for 3 hours. Came home, ate lunch and went outside to check out all of our holes, water the garden and play a bit with Jakob. Then the boys took their naps and I laid on the couch. Off to a graduation at 4pm and home by 6pm. We were way too tired to go for a bike ride tonight. We hung out and watched TV and snuggled on the couch instead (and ate ice cream).

I feel so relieved that this weekend is over!! But, now, I have to get my own house ready for my parents this weekend, study for my First Responder test (which is on Wed.), plus all my other regular work. AND this 4th of July we will be finishing our fence!! It sounds exhausting. . . but I am so excited!! This summer is going by way too fast. I certainly don't want it to end. Our flower garden is absolutely stunning this year and has been bringing great joy to our family!! We are definitely taking advantage of every waking moment!! :0)


Sabrina said...

I love your flowers! and YES! augers are a pain! i helped my dad put a fence in once... oh man was I sore the next day!!! I feel your pain!

...sensible of shoe said...

Beautiful flowers!