Sunday, June 22, 2008


Yeah! Woo! We survived the Twins game on Friday night! Containing a 2 1/2 year old in a very small space can be a challenging feat! We survived with only a few concerning looks during a few classic tantrum episodes of hitting, biting, screaming and throwing of whatever was in Jakob's hand at the time (Nunu, sippy cup, or popcorn). The best part was when we decided it was time to go and I spilled 1/2 of my very large Sprite that only cost $3-4 in the row below us. (There weren't any people sitting there, thank God, but it did splatter on the people in the next row.) Despite all the challenges, we had a good time and were able to experience Jakob's first baseball game at the Metrodome with Kaiti. He does look very innocent in the pictures. . . . doesn't he? :0) My little angel!


...sensible of shoe said...

Great photos! Was there a good turn-out? Any leads lately?

Sabrina said...

Tantrum's are the best!! Way to go Jakob! I throw Tantrum's all the time at Twin's games... although mine have to do with the way the Twin's are playing! :)

k & k said...

He looks adorable! We were at the game tonight and there was the cutest liitle Chinese girl sitting right in front of me, distracting me all night as I thought, "Some day we'll have a cute little girl like her sitting WITH us!"