Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Childhood Summer

The last couple of mornings, I woke up, thinking I was 12 again. The smell of the air, the sounds of the birds, the breeze blowing in through the window, the perfect temperature--all there for the perfect summer days. I loved summer when I was a kid. We lived in the country and I loved sleeping out on our screened porch. The sounds of the bugs were soothing (only because I knew they couldn't get me on the porch.) It's been a really long time since I have been able to feel like I have been able appreciate these perfect days--partly because before Jakob, I was working full time, and partly because I started a new allergy medicine last year that has allowed me to actually be able to breath for once and not be completely miserable!

As I was walking out to the garage to get myself a Dt. Mt. Dew (I figure if I keep it out there I won't drink as much) I saw a Monarch butterfly and it totally reminded me of the time my sister and I spent the whole day catching butterflies--millions of them--and we put them all in the screened porch. It was kind of like the butterfly garden at the zoo! We were so excited to show my mom and when she came out on the porch she flipped out. Too this day I don't quite know why. If she was worried about the butterflies dying--or if it creeped her out because they are bugs. But, I just don't remember her being as excited about it as we were. (She was probably having flashbacks to the time we took all the baby Barn Swallows out of their nests because we wanted them for pets and found them in the garage.) Yes, we did very unusual things out in the country!

So for this summer, I have been doing my adult duties--which in my opinion--is to make summer time a wonderful memory for Jakob. So I will continue to go for bike rides, visit the parks, listen to music, sing and dance, play with bubbles, work on the garden, get out the little pool, try camping in the back yard, picnic on the deck, play baseball, hang out outside doing nothing, hang laundry on the line, search for bugs--and even catch butterflies--all while the rest of you are at work--and I will cherish every single moment of it--and relive a bit of my childhood too! Come on over and play!!

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*~JESSIE~* said...

Isn't it so fun to get another chance at childhood with your own little one. I love that about my time with Sylas. I feel like I get a chance to grow up again! Hmmm I may need to blog about that.