Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good things. . . .

I know it has been a long time since I have actually written anything. I have been reading and lurking and even a little bit of the checking out new people's blogs too. We have been busy over here--lots of good things--FANTASTIC ROCKIN' FANTILIASTIC GOOD THINGS!

  • Tomorrow we finalize Jada's adoption--YEAH!
  • My parent's are coming for Thanksgiving for the first time ever and for Jada's baptism (as long as it doesn't snow!)--YEAH!!
  • Jada gets baptized next weekend!!--YEAH!!
  • We are in the process of getting umpteen gazillion bids on some remodeling projects--no, we can't actually afford to do anything--but we qualified for the HRA home improvement loan and if we get our bids in soon enough, we will finally get some much needed things like: windows, a concrete step that isn't falling apart, driveway, get our well room sealed so it doesn't bring in 40 below zero air all winter long, some better electrical wiring so we don't keep blowing a fuse while cooking in our kitchen--and a few other minor details that were approved. It has been a process--and time consuming--and annoying right during all of our other busy stuff--but we have to get it done. The city will run out of money soon and the loans are given on a first come/first serve basis and there are about 10 people who started the process before us that still haven't turned their stuff in. If you know Craig and I--you know we aren't dinking around with it!
  • We have our outside of our house already decorated for Christmas! I love it! There are some things that we didn't put up yet because of the possible window construction starting soon--but it was fun to do. Jakob just loved helping this year!
  • This is silly, but I got Jada's stocking embroidered and I am so excited about it. For some reason it just made me really happy to get it back! It doesn't match Jakob's perfectly. . .but it still looks really good!
  • I am so excited for the holiday season this year--we have been so very blessed!
  • We are done with our Christmas shopping--yes--it is true! Maybe a couple of minor details need to be taken care of--but no running around in a frantic state!
My newest pictures are on the other computer so for now, I don't have any to post. You'll have to check back at another time!


Sabrina said...

Congrats on all your good things!!
I am so very happy for you!!! :)

Scott, Joanna & Matthew said...

Congrats on Jada's finalization! From the Bureshs

...sensible of shoe said...

Lots of great things! Yay Jada! Where did you get her stocking done? Nori needs one!