Thursday, November 6, 2008

I have a friend who's son has cancer. She is my son's nurse at our doctor's office. She is always at work with a smile. She always cares for each child with the extreme love that she has for her very own son. She is loving. She is kind. She is energetic. She works AND goes to school--and takes care of a son who has to endure chemotherapy and all the other stresses that cancer brings. She is also a wife. I know how difficult it is to be a good wife with all the "normal" things in life. I can only imagine how difficult things may be when you add cancer. She is amazing to me. I pray for her family every day. . . and maybe if you have a moment you can too. The have a caring bridge website and I wish everyone in the world could read her last update.

Here is part of the post:


A little girl with cancer woke up in the hospital today. Unaware of the election results. Her prayers were answered. She gets another day to live, another day to fight.

A parent anxiously waits for the phone to ring. They are not looking for stock market news. They are waiting to hear if new lungs are available for their child with cystic fibrosis. Time is running out.

Disease is not impacted by election results or financial situations. Some of you are celebrating after last night, others are not. Some of you are doing okay financially, others are hurting. Cancer doesn't care.

The sun came up this morning on children who are battling cancer, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell, and other life-threatening medical conditions. Despite the headlines, not much has changed for them.

If your candidate won last night, congratulations! If your candidate lost last night, I am sorry. Either way, remember... truth is still truth, grace is still grace, God is still God. Our answers, our joy, our peace, our healing, our hope is not found in politics or the stock market - they are found in God alone.

I encourage you to visit their site through the link I left above--and maybe visit some more, if you have time. I hurt for their family. I pray that God channels their fears, hurt and pain through everybody else that is willing to take it on so that they may have the strength to deal with all the other stresses that cancer will bring. I pray that Tony heals.

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Sabrina said...

Thank you for sharing. I will go visit their caring bridge site.
And i will be praying for them!