Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Summer in November

What a glorious day here in Minnesota! It was an eventful day at our house. Our home was tested for lead levels as we will be getting new windows--yeah! Too bad they weren't installed today. . . We walked to the voting polls this morning and didn't wait too long to vote--it was a good thing--our double stroller didn't fit through the church door and we had to go a la cart with Jakob. Jada was in her car seat so that probably saved us--but it was heavy! There were no major tantrums and right when I was finishing up my ballot, Jakob got comfortable under the booth. He was so cute and he didn't want to leave. Too bad I couldn't take a picture! Then we came home and after Jada finally fell asleep for about an hour. . . Jakob and I enjoyed playing in the leaves. He just ABSOLUTELY LOVES the leaves! It doesn't get any better than a 70 degree day in November--in Minnesota! Jada's tum tum has been giving her problems today and has been needing to be held--the entire day. It was a miracle that she even slept for about an hour. Something must have been in the fall air because Jakob didn't take a nap either. I could have really used a nap myself. . . but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I will gladly take another day like today--anytime! What a blessing!

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Sabrina said...

Cute! I can just see you treking along to the polls... what a fun family outing!