Saturday, January 17, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Where has the time gone? My baby boy will be turning three on the 23rd! I splurged just a little bit--well, maybe a lot--on a kitchen set for him. He just loves to help out in the kitchen and it has been becoming more of a safety issue for this overly cautious mother! So I made an investment in a set that I think will bring lots of fun to our family in the years to come! No, I didn't pay full price--just in case you were wondering. It arrived in just two days after clicking "commit to buy" on ebay--which is SPECTACULAR--but the three huge boxes needed to go. If you have been to our house lately. . .you would find that there is not a whole lot of room left--for anything. Therefore. . . we had a PRE-celebration party on Friday night and unveiled (or unboxed, rather) the three pieces. Jakob has been cooking up a storm. . . lots of food for Jada, Mama, and his NUNU's (who now have their very own highchair.) I guess he thinks Dada gets enough food already! :0) I'm thinking that Jakob's birthmom, Kaiti, will get a kick out of this since her sister is in school to be a chef! :0) We are looking forward to celebrating Jakob's life with her on Friday! Yeah!!


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This is by far the coolest kitchen set EVER!!!!