Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thou shall not steal.

I have so much to say. . .and just not enough time to say it! Updates on pictures will have to wait until I relocate the SD card with all the pictures on it. That could very possibly take the whole weekend since our house is in shambles. (It is usually a bit on the chaotic side, but with the windows going in--everything has been moved here and there to clear out space to get them done.)

I was in tears at work. I had a pair of workout shoes that I had purchased for one of my special needs clients (since hers are really crappy) . I kept forgetting to bring them in to her so while she was on vacation, I brought them in and put them in the LOCKED aerobics studio stereo room with a note on them stating whose shoes they were and when I would be removing them from the studio to give to her. She has been so disappointed every week because she was so excited to get them and I kept forgetting to bring them. I was so excited to go to work today so I could give them to her. I went to the studio to get them and they were gone. Yes, people, somebody stole them. From an area that you had to have a key to get into and really, only aerobics instructors go. It really hurts me that somebody would just take a pair of shoes. They were not in an area where just any weirdo could take them. An employee had to open the door with a key. So, today, I had to tell her that the shoes were stolen--which I'm not sure if she could process that--and probably thinks I never really got them for her in the first place. What is this world coming to? My boss said maybe someone borrowed them. . . come on. . . who just "borrows" somebody else's pair of shoes without permission? That's kind of gross. I am very disappointed in the JCC right now for hiring nimrods that feel it is okay to just take things that they want. But mostly, I am very hurt for my client--who is a very special person in my life.

I should have known better. I have had things stolen from that locked office before. . . but I thought the idiots were no longer working at the J. I wonder if the person will be stupid enough to wear the shoes at the J when I am there.


K and/or K said...

That stinks! The story, not the shoes.

Happy New Year by the way!

...sensible of shoe said...

Really? I hope they turn up! Maybe you can post a LOST flyer with pics of the shoes and the guilt will bring them back. Sorry! Do you teach on Sunday?

Sabrina said...

What is wrong with people? People steal stuff out of my desk all the time. What gives?
Im sorry about the shoes, especially about your client who probably won't fully comprehend what is going on.