Thursday, January 22, 2009

I got Jakob a "birthday" balloon today at the grocery store. Who ever thought a balloon could be so so so cool?!? He has had it clipped to him since we got home. During playtime, nap, potty time (which he used the potty 4 times today--and he wore underwear to the store!), lunch and dinner, and the balloon is still with him in bed. This is really a fun age for birthdays! I can't wait until he wakes up and finds four more balloons waiting for him! He was just at a friend's birthday party on Sunday and he had a blast! (Thanks Chris, Rachelle, Mason and Carly!)

Jakob was a bit over stimulated--and zonked out the second we got home. Our family will be having a quiet celebration--well, maybe not so quiet if he gets a hold of the recorder he got at Mason's party--with just us and Jakob's birthmom--Kaiti. It will be perfect for this year. . . and then maybe we will move into the bigger party scene next year after he has been in pre-school for awhile. Yes, people, he is signed up to start pre-school in September. . . sniff sniff.

I have truly outdone myself this year with Jakob's cake! :0) I know I'm not going to win any contests on the food channel--but I think Jakob will love it--especially if you know how near and dear Ribbon NUNU and DADA NUNU are to his heart. I had to put a 3 on it since Jakob says he will be turning 2 and then when you say--no, you're turning 3--he then says he's 5. Kids. . . always trying to get older as fast as they can!

I'm sure I will have more pictures to post after his little party--but who knows when I will get to it! haha! May all your birthdays be magical, exciting and full of love! Happy Birthday Jakob!


...sensible of shoe said...

Happy 3rd man!

Sabrina said...

Happy Birthday Jakob! What a cutie!
I love that cake Jodi!!! LOVE!!
Hope to see you soon! :)

Ryan, Jamie, Reed, Ella, and Adelyn said...

Congrats Birthday Boy!!! What a loving and creative mommy to make such a special cake! Looks like a wonderful party!'s hard on a mom!