Monday, March 2, 2009

Church directory pictures!

If you belong to a church. . . you probably partake in the directory picture process. It probably depends on when you join and how often they update the directory. This was our first time participating in the picture process.

You have to read Jessie's blog on her picture experience. It made me crack up so bad!! How do I know Jessie? I somehow found her blog when I first signed up. We were both in the waiting process to be chosen by a birth family to adopt their child. Her journey was simply breathtaking and well worth checking out her archives!

Anyway. . . that brings us back to the question--does anyone ever have a good church directory picture? Ours arrived in the mail the other day--pretty much crushed by the good ole postal carrier (but the people are sending us another one!) But, I have to say that I wasn't hardly disappointed at all. In fact, I thought it turned out quite well considering all of our other attempts at getting a family photo. Jada is pretty much ready to fall asleep and for pretty much the first time--wasn't smiling--and the rest of us look so pasty Minnesota winter white (I should have known better than to wear a cream colored shirt--DUH!), but other than that. . . it's not too bad! See for yourself! I, personally, hate posed pictures like this and am totally looking forward to our family photo shoot in the Spring (I suppose that is coming up soon!) for the CELEBRATING ADOPTION program! I hope we get some good ones out of that!!


Sabrina said...

That is a great picture!!! The kids look adorable! You should see me and my big hair back in my church directory days! EEEEK!

Jessie said...

I love the picture! I think yours probably turned out way better than ours. Ours should be arriving anytime. I'll have to post it when it shows up.

Thanks for the mention on your blog! That was very nice of you! I can't wait to see the pics from your celebrating adoption shoot. I love the more relaxed natural family photos also. I bet you all will have a blast with those.

Scott, Joanna, Matthew said...

That is a very good picture! Our church directory picture was taken the day Matthew came home from the hospital and it turned out so cute.

Ryan, Jamie, Reed, Ella, and Adelyn said...

I think you guys look GREAT!!!! I miss chatting with you at mom's group so much. Jacob is getting so big. I do look forward to your natural pics as I am a big sucker for those. Blessings your to you and a Happy Spring on its way!!