Monday, March 30, 2009


Busy, busy, busy! Jada is eight months today and pulled herself up to her feet in her crib! Oh boy! She has two teeth that are actually visible and is constantly ON THE GO! She loves to eat--if you know Jakob--you know why we are so relieved that she loves to eat! She has quite the personality--taking after her birthmother--whom we were graced with a visit last Thursday! I have been spending more time trying to get some scrapbooking done--or at least feel like I am remotely caught up. We are going to be participating in the LSS education program DOMESTIC ADOPTION WORKS!, so I want to have some more scrapbooking done so we have something substantial for people to look at. I'm not sure how many people they are expecting, but it is at least getting me motivated to get some scrapping done! :0)

Jakob continues to change everyday himself--becoming quite the conversationalist. We are working on how to ask for things--rather than just whining and crying for something. He likes to hide and can be sneaky, but his giggles always give him away! Since Jada is on the go and Jakob can't really be fully trusted in her presence alone for even just a minute--there really is not a lot of time to get anything done. That's all right with me on most days. It does get frustrating every once in awhile. Maybe it is just this weird MN winter weather that is really frustrating me--the one who claims to be a winter girl. I want to be able to get outside more often and not have to bundle my kids up for a blizzard.

I am really looking forward to summer this year for the first time in a very long time! Speaking of getting stuff done. . . I am going to be short and end this here so I can feel like I accomplished something today! It is probably good that it is cold out. We have the Wii Outdoor Adventure game and my calves are so sore from playing that I don't even know how I am going to teach kickbox tonight. Those games are amazing!

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Sabrina said...

How did she get so big? I swear it felt like yesterday i was holding her as a newborn! which means its been at least 7months since i've seen you guys!
If any time works for you I would love to come over for a visit. Maybe bring a special treat? :)
Let me know if anything works.