Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Girly love!

I have always been a tomboy--no make-up--hate to dress up--feel completely out of place and uncomfortable shopping at a place like the Galleria (located in Edina, MN) in my windpants--but I go there anyway--and sometimes don't shower on purpose just to see the looks I get from the other shoppers--because that is where the only Pottery Barn Kids store in the metro area is located. (I was so sad when the one at the Mall of America shut down!) Anyway. . . now that I have a daughter--I still do not find any desire to be a girly girl myself. . . but I want her to have every opportunity to express herself and to be herself as she grows. And if she wants to be a girly girl. . . then I will absolutely love every single solitary second of it. I hope she wants me to braid her hair. I hope she wants to wear all the beautiful dresses that I already have for her. I hope she wants to take dance class. (I do also hope she wants to play hockey!)

Sometimes I feel a tad guilty because she wears some of Jakob's old pajamas--which are distinctly for boys! She is just growing so fast--and she grew into his old winter pj's in the right season! Sometimes our whole family compensates for this lack of girly pj's guilt! Even Furby!

When Jada came home, Jakob moved into a big boy bedroom and Jada moved into the nursery. The design is from the John Lennon Musical Parade line and is totally awesome for a boy or a girl. . .but definitely blue dominant. I've been eying (is that how it's really spelled?) the butterfly chandelier from the Pottery Barn Kids store. We love mobiles here, I love that store, and it definitely brings a nice "princess" touch to any room!

But, really, I wanted something in pink--something really special for my princess! (And the simple fact that the mobile is $80 and not really something that I would consider a necessity for that amount of money!) So, I decided to utilize my creative skills and make my princess her very own unique and from the heart butterfly mobile! Off to Michael's I went and spent $20 and came up with this:

And, yes, I still have enough supplies to make several more if I wanted too. They probably wouldn't look exactly the same. . . but I could make something very similar! It only took me a few days in between taking care of my babies and work. I didn't really do anything else around the house! haha! The best part of the whole thing was the big smile Princess Jada gave me when she saw the mobile hanging in her room! PRICELESS!! And worth every minute of work and a very messy house! A perfect girly touch to her bedroom! I should mention that Jakob loved it too. He loves butterflies! And he also loves anything that his sister has! ;0) I have to go take care of Furby now, before he wakes everyone up! He sure is loud! haha!


Ryan, Jamie, Reed, Ella, and Adelyn said...

I love your craftiness and creativity. It looks so great and the big smile Jada gave you would definatly be worth it!!! Way to go!

Sabrina said...

Jodi! That is absolutely gorgeous!!
So very whimsical and pretty! I'm sure Jada is mezmerized!
You are so crafty!!!!

...sensible of shoe said...

So cute and very creative! I bet she loves it!

Scott, Joanna, Matthew said...

Jodi that is awesome! I think it is must prettier than the $80 one.

Mike and Katie said...

That's beautiful! Good job being creative.

I know the Galleria. $40 for a beautifully embellished onsie.