Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sick Days of Winter!

We've been trying to make the best of our days while we are rotating some lovely form of sickness through our house.  Not much exciting to tell. . . . but if you know us. . . you know that this is not Jada's normal state.

You have to view the above picture very carefully. . . .Jada is sleeping while standing up!
And then, pretty much all they will eat is Popsicles!  Remember those days?  Jakob's mouth was blue for a whole day--I had one too--they were yummy!  We do keep them stocked in our house since it is pretty much the only way I can get Jada to sit still long enough to comb through her hair.  

Jada decided to empty out the silverware drawer. . . so when I actually saw how dirty it was in there with all the silverware out, we decided to make it a family activity.  Who would have thought the kids would have so much fun cleaning silverware?

Then Jada got herself dressed up with her beads, went shopping and collected all the potatoes in her bag--she is a strong one!

Then, she fed one of her babies.  She is going to be such an adoring big sister!

And then there is Jakob, always making funny faces and trying to show off the food in his mouth--total boy.  This time it was a banana.  At least my kids like fruit!  Today, we caught him helping Jada undress to go potty on the potty chair.  It was in his room since our bathroom is so small and we moved the stool back in there so the kids could wash their hands by themselves since we've all been sick.  He was trying to get Jada's diaper back on and she was cooperating more for him than she does for us.  It was so very cute.  I wish I had a photo!

Things seem to be getting better.  We have cancelled all of our outings just so we can all get some much needed rest and just get back to being 100% healthy.  It is interesting that this round of sickness started after the kids finally got their 2nd H1N1 vaccinations.  They were finally well enough to get it and BINGO--they are sick again.  There is no preschool on Tuesday. . . so that should help.  Craig and I have been running errands solo--it's weird to be in a store without the kids.  They usually go EVERYWHERE with me.  I sure do dink around more when I'm by myself!  haha!  I have found some fantabulous deals at Target this weekend because I have been able to dig through the clearance without any outside disturbances!  :0)   I hope to get out for a walk tomorrow.  Being cooped up has also meant I've been eating way too much junk!  I hope you are all staying well!!!!

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Sabrina said...

oooh cute pics!!! I just want to squeeze both of them.
Hope everyone gets well soon! Spring is almost here! :)