Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Time flies. . .

Lilypie Waiting to adopt Ticker

I had to create a ticker to put our time into perspective. Craig and I weren't originally going to start the second process of adoption until February of this year (2008). We did have an expectant mother approach us when she was only 4 weeks pregnant asking if we would adopt her child if she decided to place him--due in February, 2008. We knew she was going to choose to parent before we started our paperwork. . . but it prompted us to "just do it." So, we do consider these first three months as kind of a "freebie". I still have a very good relationship with this person and we have become pretty darn good friends. I am glad she is willing to let me be a part of her life. Her baby boy was born last Friday--early--by c-section and is a tiny peanut of 6 lbs. 1 oz. He is still in the hospital with some respiratory issues, but supposedly they are not serious. I am praying for a healthy recovery for all (and she is praying that we get chosen soon.) It is funny how people are brought into your life for very specific reasons. I do believe that it is divine intervention!! :0)

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Sabrina said...

I love your ticker... what a cute happy couple! :)