Friday, January 11, 2008

Shower shoes?

About six years ago, I met with some friends before Christmas at Starbucks. I was new to Starbucks--not being a coffee drinker. . . and had no idea what to order. I decided to try a White Chocolate Mocha--Venti, of course. MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm! It was so good! We sat and chatted for a couple of hours and then departed on our ways. I had some Christmas shopping to do, so I ventured to the mall.
I didn't pay much attention to what went into that VENTI White Chocolate Mocha. Not realizing that the main ingredient was of all things. . . . MILK! While shopping in JCPenny, I realized that I was not feeling well and it was probably from my drink at Starbucks. All I could think of is that the bathrooms are always impossible to find at JCPenny and if I didn't find one NOW--there could be some major trouble. The sweat was starting to pour down my forehead. . .I was a hurtin' unit!! I looked up and there the sign was. . . .

Thank you Lord!
I was saved--and very happy that nobody else was in there!
So you may be wondering what my point is. Realizing some of the things we just take for granted in life. With having pets and a son who will be turning two on Jan. 23rd. . .I do consider myself an expert on poop! haha Been there, done that, seen just about everything and even experienced ROTO VIRUS. If you don't know what that is--pray that your baby will never get it!
If you are weak in the stomach. . . you may not want to continue. . . this is a true story!!
Last night after my spinning class, a friend and I were going to go shower in the locker room. She forgot her shower shoes and I was harrassing her that she would be just fine for one day--just put a towel down in the shower and tip toe back to your locker when you are done. And she went for it. We did our usual business getting ready. We were dressed and in need of a couple of Q-tips and cotton balls--available by the sinks--as I was on my way, I hear this "Oh No. . . . ", like a painful moaning and this atrocious odor. (My son had some puking virus on Sunday so I just assumed somebody was probably throwing up--nothing new in my book.) Then I look down and see a LONG trail of. . . yes. . .diarrhea. . . on the floor right into the bathroom stall. At that very moment, I was thankful that the floor is always wet, forcing you to put your shoes on before you walk anywhere or your socks will get all wet. "Oh my", I say, in a very kind and gentle tone. Asking whomever was in there if they were okay. She sounded completely humiliated--saying she was so sorry she made such a mess--that she was on some new meds and "it" just came shooting out of her. She said she needed the cleaning lady. The locker room attendant was right around the corner and I asked her to get some help for clean-up while I got some towels for the lady and helped her feel more at ease. This locker room attendant. . . either ready to graduate from highschool--or possibly in college (the older I get, the younger people look)--got right up and said, "Oh, I can do it", and cleaned up the entire mess herself--with no gagging, no snide comments, and with complete respect for this woman's embarrassment.
The lady thanked me profusely for all my help--embarrassed the whole time. I told her not to worry about it. I caught myself before saying, "Sh*t happens", thinking it might embarrass her more. Remembering exactly how I felt about six years ago in JCPenny--needing a bathroom right then--I just said, "I know what it feels like to not feel good". I have to admit that I gagged a couple of times, but the lady didn't see me, so I am thankful. I would hate for her to have felt any more humiliated than she already did.
So what did I learn from all of this?
~That most of us take for granted that we don't have to worry about a bowel movement "shooting right out of us" at any given moment when we are out and about trying to live our lives. Imagine having to worry about that. . . how it would inconvenience and possibly even dictate your life.
~That even though a great portion of our society feels there is no hope for our up and coming generations. . . there are many outstanding young individuals out there that will simply amaze you!!
~AND FINALLY, that you should NEVER, EVER forget your shower shoes!


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Sorry I missed that!

...sensible of shoe said...

I had a dream about Spinning class night...I tried to bring Jake but there so many people, many of them my students and class didn't get started until 45 minutes later so we had to leave. Weird.