Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sense of Style

Apparently I was destined for a new pair of glasses or it was just my son's way of telling me that my sense of style sucks. He brought them right to daddy right after destroying them--who in turn came running downstairs into the laundry room to tell me the news. I secretly think that daddy accidently destroyed them somehow by maybe stepping on them or something and then used Jakob as a cover. To be honest, I couldn't even remember where I had last placed them (which was apparently within "the destroyer's" reach.) Oh well, I was kind of wanting a new pair, but it wasn't in the budget--but now it has to be. I am the master of fixing things--but these are just beyond hope. I hate trying to pick out glasses--it should be interesting with Jakob there. I told the receptionist that there is a small possibility that we may just have to leave. Hopefully we can at least get the eye appointment part done and I can always go back another time to pick out the glasses. Until then, I will be seeing the world just a bit differently!

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