Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Easter weekend 2008 was out of control this year! I mean that in a good way--for the most part. First, being in Minnesota. . .it snowed ALL weekend! The number one reason why it was a good thing that we didn't make plans to visit family in Wisconsin. . . and they got even more snow there!! Second. . . . Craig had the death illness crud crap that has been going around--and he is still recovering. Unfortunately, he was at his sickest over the weekend and didn't get to fully participate in our little festivities.

Friday night I snuck out by myself for the Good Friday Service. I love that service at our church. Our choir pretty much does the whole thing and they are pretty darn good! Craig was too ill to even stand up and Jakob was way too wild to be at church. I cannot trust him in the nursery at church yet as he still yields "the claw" when other children approach him. I didn't want anyone to start their weekend off with a scratched up face or worse off, a trip to urgent care for a scratched eye or something.

Saturday, Jakob and I played outside for a really long time. He loves to be outside! AND I love that he loves to be outside. It is going to be a really fun summer. We made a snowman--the first one this year. I was thinking about Aerial (whom we had to put to sleep in December) and how we missed her so. . . Then I thought about what it was going to be like to not have to worry about any of us stepping in dog poop this year--and how the grass wouldn't look like the aliens have landed--and what our flowers are going to really look like without being flattened by a 95 pound dog. As I'm thinking all of this, I am rolling the snowman body parts and as I rolled the base one last time. . . a big pile of dog poo came right along with it--stuck to the snow. I laughed so hard! She is still watching us from up above--reminding me of what she brought to my life.

We did try to dye Easter eggs this year (and I did say "try", right?) Jakob absolutely loves liquid. He loves to dump any liquid out and spread it everywhere. . . no matter what kind of liquid it is. Then, you get bright, beautiful colors--and watch out!! Amazingly, he wound up and threw the hard boiled eggs three times and each time they landed right in the bowls of dye. Yes, our kitchen had the bright splatters everywhere!! :0) We decided to just dump the dye on the snowman and try again next year. Jakob zonked early since we were so active all day and I got the house ready for the Easter bunny!! I didn't want him to trip over any of Jakob's toys or anything!!

Jakob loved finding his Easter eggs!! He screamed in delight and ate all of the goodies inside each one before moving onto the next. It was a fantastic breakfast of marshmellows (is that how it is spelled?), chocolate teddy grahams and animal crackers.

Our kitchen was the cleanest it has ever been and I cooked the basic ham dinner. . . and he had it for lunch. Craig was still flat on his back and Jakob was way too energetic for him to handle. . . so I missed church. We had a really nice day just hanging out and relaxing. Jakob got some really cool stuff from the Easter bunny and it kept him busy all day!! He is really an artistic kid. I hope everyone feels as blessed as we do and that the Spring time will bring wonderful weather so we can all feel alive and well--as Jesus would want us to be!

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Sabrina said...

Happy belated Easter Jodi! Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend... esp, being outside! and I love your "tye-dye" snowman!