Saturday, March 15, 2008

It is amazing to watch Jakob grow everyday. I'm such a mushy, sentimental mom. I love that people always tell us that he is so cute and I even face the money when "the claw" comes out and actually makes contact with another child's face. (Jakob has this grabbing thing going on right now. We think it is his way of show what is "his" and to stay back--or else--since he can't say "mine".) We do know our limits and can tell when it is time to go from where ever we are--just to try and prevent the inevitable from happening.

We have had a very expensive weekend. Yes, our family is usually very particular about what we choose to spend our money on--but sometimes we do splurge. We made our way up to the Mall of America both Friday and Saturday night! The new Nickelodeon Universe had its grand opening today and it was still crazy there tonight! It has been really neat to watch the park transform from Camp Snoopy, to the Park at the Mall, and now Nickelodeon. (Hopefully I spelled that right.) I should have snapped some photos. . . but it was so crazy busy that I was kind of feeling stressed. Jakob loved watching the rides! All the while munching on his craisons and dried pineapple--calm and cool. Yes, he really does love them! Talk about an overstimulating place. I have really grown out of the crowd scene--or maybe I'm just spoiled by being able to do things during the day when most of the world is at work. BUT, if anyone is interested in hittin' up the rides in the near future--give us a shout! We would love to meet you there. Hopefully it will quiet down a bit after all the Spring breaks. It would be a great excuse to call in sick to work! haha Wait. . . I don't really work.

Well, of course, we did venture into some other stores and were quite "Lucky" in finding some more things to purchase selfishly for ourselves, Jakob and one gift for my husband's coworker (having a baby in April). Needless to say. . . I didn't refuse a request to clean my client's refrigerator and stove at $25/hour. I dread every minute of it. . . but I do love to shop!! Anyway. . . here is a picture of my sweet little baby bunny. . . . reminding everyone that Easter is just one week away!!

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Sabrina said...

Cutie Bunny Boy!! :)
The MOA frightens me!