Sunday, March 30, 2008

Going green?

I have recently been thinking about my personal contributions to the landfills of our Earth--and what it will really be like for our children's children. There was some show on the Discovery channel on the Earth and what would happen if there was a nuclear melt down (or something to that effect.) I've always been a believer that every little bit helps--and since I am unable to fathom the idea of not using disposable diapers. . . I have switched over all my bills to paperless billing (receiving them via email) and also paying them through electronic payments. Not only have I eliminated the desperate thought of needing to keep every single statement and also needing to find the storage space in my home--but I will actually save our family a whopping $30 each year in stamps--and maybe even more as the price still keeps going up!! I am just dreaming about how I am going to spend my profits!! :0) (Most likely on some more disposable diapers!!)

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