Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nickelodeon Universe

This is a really bad picture of me one the log ride. . . I was scared to death. . . imagine if I had been on the skateboard!

We had a blast this weekend at Nickelodeon Universe. We had a friend stay with us (who is 11) so we had a chance to alternate and go on some of the "big kid" rides with her while the other one entertained Jakob. It was so busy there on Saturday night. . . I don't think I remember it being that busy for a very long time!! The lines were really long. . .but worth the wait. Craig lucked out and got to go on the two scariest rides. . . .the Sponge Bob roller coaster and the skateboard one. I apologize that I don't remember the actual names. He was a bit weak in the knees after the skateboard one. The prices are high. . . so bring your own snacks, soda, water, etc. Unless you enjoy paying $3.50 for a bottle of water. The new food court was just "okay" for the prices. I don't mind paying $10 to eat if the food is what I would rate "outstanding" for your classic "fast food". I should know better than to order food for Jakob. . . he didn't eat anything except our "homemade" trailmix consisting of honey nut cheerios, craisons and dried pineapple. He is a health nut by nature! :0) We are completely exhausted. . . but had an AWESOME time!! Let us know when you are all ready to go!! :0)

Going green?

I have recently been thinking about my personal contributions to the landfills of our Earth--and what it will really be like for our children's children. There was some show on the Discovery channel on the Earth and what would happen if there was a nuclear melt down (or something to that effect.) I've always been a believer that every little bit helps--and since I am unable to fathom the idea of not using disposable diapers. . . I have switched over all my bills to paperless billing (receiving them via email) and also paying them through electronic payments. Not only have I eliminated the desperate thought of needing to keep every single statement and also needing to find the storage space in my home--but I will actually save our family a whopping $30 each year in stamps--and maybe even more as the price still keeps going up!! I am just dreaming about how I am going to spend my profits!! :0) (Most likely on some more disposable diapers!!)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Easter weekend 2008 was out of control this year! I mean that in a good way--for the most part. First, being in Minnesota. . .it snowed ALL weekend! The number one reason why it was a good thing that we didn't make plans to visit family in Wisconsin. . . and they got even more snow there!! Second. . . . Craig had the death illness crud crap that has been going around--and he is still recovering. Unfortunately, he was at his sickest over the weekend and didn't get to fully participate in our little festivities.

Friday night I snuck out by myself for the Good Friday Service. I love that service at our church. Our choir pretty much does the whole thing and they are pretty darn good! Craig was too ill to even stand up and Jakob was way too wild to be at church. I cannot trust him in the nursery at church yet as he still yields "the claw" when other children approach him. I didn't want anyone to start their weekend off with a scratched up face or worse off, a trip to urgent care for a scratched eye or something.

Saturday, Jakob and I played outside for a really long time. He loves to be outside! AND I love that he loves to be outside. It is going to be a really fun summer. We made a snowman--the first one this year. I was thinking about Aerial (whom we had to put to sleep in December) and how we missed her so. . . Then I thought about what it was going to be like to not have to worry about any of us stepping in dog poop this year--and how the grass wouldn't look like the aliens have landed--and what our flowers are going to really look like without being flattened by a 95 pound dog. As I'm thinking all of this, I am rolling the snowman body parts and as I rolled the base one last time. . . a big pile of dog poo came right along with it--stuck to the snow. I laughed so hard! She is still watching us from up above--reminding me of what she brought to my life.

We did try to dye Easter eggs this year (and I did say "try", right?) Jakob absolutely loves liquid. He loves to dump any liquid out and spread it everywhere. . . no matter what kind of liquid it is. Then, you get bright, beautiful colors--and watch out!! Amazingly, he wound up and threw the hard boiled eggs three times and each time they landed right in the bowls of dye. Yes, our kitchen had the bright splatters everywhere!! :0) We decided to just dump the dye on the snowman and try again next year. Jakob zonked early since we were so active all day and I got the house ready for the Easter bunny!! I didn't want him to trip over any of Jakob's toys or anything!!

Jakob loved finding his Easter eggs!! He screamed in delight and ate all of the goodies inside each one before moving onto the next. It was a fantastic breakfast of marshmellows (is that how it is spelled?), chocolate teddy grahams and animal crackers.

Our kitchen was the cleanest it has ever been and I cooked the basic ham dinner. . . and he had it for lunch. Craig was still flat on his back and Jakob was way too energetic for him to handle. . . so I missed church. We had a really nice day just hanging out and relaxing. Jakob got some really cool stuff from the Easter bunny and it kept him busy all day!! He is really an artistic kid. I hope everyone feels as blessed as we do and that the Spring time will bring wonderful weather so we can all feel alive and well--as Jesus would want us to be!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

It is amazing to watch Jakob grow everyday. I'm such a mushy, sentimental mom. I love that people always tell us that he is so cute and I even face the money when "the claw" comes out and actually makes contact with another child's face. (Jakob has this grabbing thing going on right now. We think it is his way of show what is "his" and to stay back--or else--since he can't say "mine".) We do know our limits and can tell when it is time to go from where ever we are--just to try and prevent the inevitable from happening.

We have had a very expensive weekend. Yes, our family is usually very particular about what we choose to spend our money on--but sometimes we do splurge. We made our way up to the Mall of America both Friday and Saturday night! The new Nickelodeon Universe had its grand opening today and it was still crazy there tonight! It has been really neat to watch the park transform from Camp Snoopy, to the Park at the Mall, and now Nickelodeon. (Hopefully I spelled that right.) I should have snapped some photos. . . but it was so crazy busy that I was kind of feeling stressed. Jakob loved watching the rides! All the while munching on his craisons and dried pineapple--calm and cool. Yes, he really does love them! Talk about an overstimulating place. I have really grown out of the crowd scene--or maybe I'm just spoiled by being able to do things during the day when most of the world is at work. BUT, if anyone is interested in hittin' up the rides in the near future--give us a shout! We would love to meet you there. Hopefully it will quiet down a bit after all the Spring breaks. It would be a great excuse to call in sick to work! haha Wait. . . I don't really work.

Well, of course, we did venture into some other stores and were quite "Lucky" in finding some more things to purchase selfishly for ourselves, Jakob and one gift for my husband's coworker (having a baby in April). Needless to say. . . I didn't refuse a request to clean my client's refrigerator and stove at $25/hour. I dread every minute of it. . . but I do love to shop!! Anyway. . . here is a picture of my sweet little baby bunny. . . . reminding everyone that Easter is just one week away!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Who ever thought. . . .

. . .that I could be such a big influence? I am such a Carmex freak. . . I always have some with me--and if I don't. . . THERE IS GOING TO BE A CRISIS!! Well, Jakob sees me putting it on all the time and loves to hold the Carmex tube for me. (I will leave the cap on and he will "pretend" to put some on his lips.) He will carry it around for hours!

Well, a friend gave us a golf cart vehicle for Jakob to play with. It has holes in it to store the golf clubs. . . and it is hollow inside. . . a perfect place for a two year old to "put" things. Unfortunately. . . the hole is quite small and things don't come back out very easily. Today Jakob was looking in the hole and really wanting all the little things back that he had shoved in the cart. . . like some kleenex, game pieces, dice, crayons, and some odd pink thing--that our friend's children must have put in there when they used the car. We tipped it upside down, shook it, turned it, poked things in there and amazingly. . . got everything out!!

I knew he would be in heaven once he realized what the little pink thing was. It is a toy version of some lipstick. I know, Jakob is a boy. . . and I don't wear lipstick either. But, I do wear Carmex!! Jakob is obsessed with this tube of plastic lipstick. Every five seconds he needs to put some on. He sat in the rocking chair for almost a whole 1/2 hour just opening it, putting some on, and then closing it back up. Just too cute!! I knew I was addicted--but is this what he sees in me? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!! I can't wait until Daddy gets home to witness this new obsession.

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