Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Today was Jakob's first day of pre-school embarking yet another milestone of my babies growing up. It was a really difficult day for me--I guess I'm of the rare breed--tears spilling before he woke up, tears on the way to school, tears when he said, "Oh, there's my pre-school!", using all my might to hold back the tears when he started to get a little teary eyed. . . wanting me to go in with him, tears on the way out (I was the only one that I saw crying. . . . sheesh!), tears on the ride home, tears a couple of times while at home and then I think I was done--for awhile. I could not wait to pick him up. Jada screamed with delight when she saw him. We just sat and hugged each other for a little bit--everyone else was gone when we were done. I was in no hurry to rush him out the door!! I asked him if he cried at all and he said, "no."

He had red and green grapes for snack and pee peed in a "loud toilet", sat on a yellow circle, and went on three slides at the "park" (playground). I was teary eyed again when Craig called to check in and again when people at work asked about how the day went. I'm sure it's not the last time I will cry. . . I'm just an emotional person and I certainly don't try to hide how I'm feeling. I got some great shots of the first day and do look foward to taking many more in the future of every 1st day of school! I'm sure I will cry every year!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Wow! Has time flown! Life has definitely been keeping me busy (mostly Craig, Jakob and Jada--all equally pining for my love and attention.) Poor Craig. . . the kids almost always win my attention first. We've been working on "enriching" our relationship as "husband and wife"--or at least giving it some more time rather than always being "mom and dad." It's definitely not as easy as it sounds with our busy schedules, lack of family in MN, lack of funds to pay for resources, and just that feeling of not wanting to take advantage of others. (Not to mention that I miss being with my babies almost instantly after leaving!) I'm not sure I will ever get over that!

I'm going to have to learn how to deal with it since Jakob will be starting preschool in a couple of weeks. I just look at him and wonder when the heck he got so "big" (as in age--he is still a petite child!). At least I will be in parent education one day of his preschool--so he won't be so far away! haha! He comes up with the funniest things. Like, Jada, mama and dada will be in school with me. He has really developed into a loving big brother. We were worried for awhile--if he would ever get over the jealousy, but as Jada keeps getting bigger and bigger and able to play better with him--it only seems that they are getting closer and closer. He is sensitive, shy, loving, obstinate at times, but happy happy happy! (as long as he gets his way!)

It will be amazing to watch his personality grow even more at school. I worry that it may be too overwhelming at times but it will be good. Big crowds are a bit over stimulating for him so hopefully his class isn't too large--and hopefully--he doesn't bite anyone! He has been "jamming" out to his radio lately, turning it up as loud as it goes. I picture a teen rebel dancing in his room to KTIS! :0) He is just so adorable and will run to turn it up if he hears one of his favorite songs! The Newsboys, He Reigns is his number one!

Jada baby will be in daycare for the two hours that I am in parent education. She will be in the room right next to me and it will be interesting. I thought that nothing would phase her, but we tried out church daycare and she only lasted 10 minutes and was wailing for her mommy. I would have thought that Jakob would have been the one--I was surprised--totally! She has been teething--molars--and they are really causing all of us some grief. I can't wait until they come through. Hopefully soon, so we can start the next round of teeth--the worst ones--the I-teeth. Jada keeps us on our toes--literally. In two seconds flat (or less) you will be able to find her somewhere that she really shouldn't be. She can climb faster than I ever thought a child could climb, is virtually not afraid of falling, and likes to run away really fast when you see her. (So, you really must be careful when you come upon her standing on a chair or sitting on the play stove!

I think she is a born Diva. . . . she loves shoes, and clothes, and princess stuff, and definitely knows how to get her way. I can only imagine just how loud our house is going to be in the later teen years--with all of the kids' friends. Loud music, lots of laughter, lots of whispering and plenty of all nighters! :0)

We tried a new church--Evergreen Community Church. We've only been there twice and it feels like we've been there forever. The people are great! We went to a free BBQ one weekend and thought we would give it a try. There is nothing wrong with the church we are members at. We were just looking for a church with more diversity and more young families. We are Lutheran and Evergreen is non-denominational. It is contemporary and seems to have a lot of really great programs that fit our needs right now. I cannot begin to explain how important it is for us to be intertwined with families of many cultures--as a multi-cultural family ourselves. I feel sad, in a way, that the church our children were baptized in just isn't meeting our needs--but I want my children to be a part of God and a church community and I think this one will be perfect for us!

I hope that summer has been good to everyone! I am looking forward to our changes coming and hope to have some time to share it with you! ;0)
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