Thursday, August 12, 2010

God's Grace

Sometimes I wish I was that brilliant writer, you know, the one who could bring tears to your eyes--or the one who could convince you to give money for the causes I believe in or the people I meet whom are truly in need.  I wish I could put my exact feelings down on paper (or in my blog) sharing all the amazing things that have happened to me and my family.  I wish I could shout out to the world that all their judgments and insecurities are not valid in my world and that love is possible--no matter what.   I want to tell the world how God has had a divine influence upon my heart and how his grace has brought great reflection in my life.  On the outside it is probably pretty obvious.  Just look at my family.  

Straight from my husband's anniversary card--which seems to sum things up pretty well:


We are a trans-racial family created through open adoption.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would have such beautiful children, children that looked so different than me.  People on the outside look in and always say what a wonderful thing we are doing.  They don't get it.  (And I truly hate it when they say it.)  I wish I could convey even the slightest truth of how my children's first mothers uplift me.  How they have taught me to love big.  How they have taught me to trust.  How they have taught me patience.  How they make me feel every time we get together.  How they have challenged me like I have never been challenged before.  How I cry every time they leave.  How they have taught me that my life wouldn't be complete without them.  How they have proven God's grace.  

We finished up our cooperative agreement with Jenay's birthmom.  AND--I have permission to post photos of her in my blog.  So, here are two of my angels--(We will continue to respect Jada's birthmom and keep her photos private.)  Oh how I love them all so. . . . 

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