Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I can't believe that Halloween is almost here! The kids are growing at an alarming rate. . . They are becoming the daring duo--giving me plenty of lip biting terrifying moments. After a bed jumping party, Jada split her lip wide open (I was at work for this one--which is probably good). After it finally healed. . . she decided to face plant into the floor totally bruising her front tooth. Only time will tell if it turns grey and falls out. Jakob has a grey tooth too. If I didn't know any better. . . I would think they are trying to be as much like each other as possible. I watch the kids like a hawk and this stuff still happens. Jada even started to roll away in a shopping cart at our Halloween trick or treat party only to be saved by the dude dressed up as a milk carton (or something like that). He stepped out of the store to cool off right in time to stop Jada's cart from rolling into the parking lot, possibly tipping over, or even worse, getting hit by a car. I do know that God was watching over us right at that very moment! Parenthood equals lots of deep breaths and often a lot of panicking! :0) Who would have ever known?

Ha ha! This one makes me laugh out loud every time I see it!

My free spirit!

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