Saturday, February 21, 2009


Wowsers! It has been a long time since I've had remotely any time to blog. Today is no different--but I always have so much to say--and never any time to say it! Here are some highlights of our life in the past few weeks!

  • Jada has been rocking on her hands and knees--it won't be long now and we will be chasing around a crawler!

  • She also can officially sit up on her own--as in--we put her in the position and she will sit for 20 minutes and even longer!

  • Still no teeth. . . but she sure acts like there will be some here soon!
  • Jada is in the 90th percentile for weight and height. Jakob is in the 3rd percentile for weight and 50th for height. We are on the "you need to gain weight" diet. (Very challenging with a 3 year old.) He gets weighed again in two months--and then possibly some blood work to make sure he is just light--and has nothing else wrong.
  • Jakob is sure there are monsters in his closet forcing me to sleep on the air mattress once again in his bedroom. I just don't think it is right to let a child cry themselves to sleep when they are frightened. It hurts my heart!
  • Jakob also has discovered that "Mama n Jada no have penises." He is quite the intelligent child--don't you think?
  • We have made some progress with potty training--and now back in diapers. Oh well.
  • He has been enjoying Dad's favorite sport out in the driveway--after a few tears when dad shut the garage door and he could no longer play with the air compressor!!

  • We spoke at an adoption training seminar last Thursday with Kaiti and along with two other couples. One with a domestic open adoption and the other family had two international adoptions from Columbia. I think we inspired at least a couple of people. I don't think we scared anyone--although there were a lot of blank expressions! Kaiti did a really good job! We are so proud of her! :0)
  • And we have been contemplating adding to our family--just one more time--well, maybe me more than hubby--but I'm working on him. It is something we need to think about now--as you never know just how long the wait might be. We'll see where God's plan takes us!
  • Did I mention that I fall in love more and more each day with my family? How could I ever be so blessed!!

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