Friday, April 23, 2010

Quick hello!

Jakob and Jada feeding "salad" aka hosta leaves to the bugs

Nap time. . . I have yet to find time for a nap!

Diva Girl!  I look at Jada and see Carmen (her birthmother) and I am reminded how awesome it is that all three of our birthmoms are in our lives!

My little turkey boy.  Jakob is the smallest kid in his preschool class.  His birthmom Kaiti isn't exactly very tall herself and neither is anyone in her family for that matter! :0)

Restoring order to our meal times with the Keekaroo chair that I spotted over on Mike and Katie's blog.  Thanks guys!  We are waiting for our second one to arrive!  Purchased at Baby on Grand in Hopkins.  Yes, they have a store on Grand Ave. too in St. Paul--but I live closer to Hopkins! 

Not much time to blog anything else.  I am planning to visit with T (Jenay's birthmom) sometime this weekend or early next week.  Looking forward to some quiet time with her and Jenay! :0) I love all my kids dearly--but there is no such thing as a "quality" visit when they are all present!  Have a fantastic weekend! 

I better go. . . we are expecting a new adoptive mom here soon to visit with her sweet baby girl!  Can't wait!  Love meeting new families in the adoption community!  Yeah! 

Friday, April 16, 2010

Today we found out that the FAR check (Minnesota Father's Adoption Registry) was clear.  It feels nice to have one more step in our process completed. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tomorrow will already be four weeks since Jenay was born! I simply cannot believe that it has been that long already! Last Thursday we met T's (Jenay's birthmother) mother, her sister and her sister's two month old baby. We had a wonderful time getting to know each other and just hanging out taking care of all the kids--Jakob and Jada came along too! It felt like we had known each other forever. I could just squeeze them all tight with huge hugs of love. I have the most cherished photo ever of all of us, but again, can't post it for the respect of their privacy. It makes me smile every time I look at it. I hope they know just how much we really do love them.

We had our first post-placement home visit on Tuesday. Nothing out of the ordinary. I think people often wonder why adoption has such large fees--take a look at all the running around, extra hours for meetings, births and discharges, report writing, phone calls, court prep, etc. that these social workers are doing! I can only tell you that our workers in this case are definitely going the extra mile helping with rides, counseling, offering support, and just plain putting in a lot of hours--and that is just our case. WE are so thankful that we found Lutheran Social Services!!!!

Our biggest transition yet is moving Jakob and Jada into the same bedroom for now. There have been a lot of late night giggles and early morning awakenings--making for two crabby kids. But, they have been going to bed at the same time and it is getting quiet much quicker now! haha! It is easier to keep a bedtime routine.

Jenay seems to like to be held--all day and all night. There is no way I would have ever had Jakob sleep in our bed with us when he was this little. It is funny how your own rules change with each child. She is sweeter than sweet! It is like she has always been here in our family. She will be just as spoiled as our other children--imagine that.

I have always thought about what our children would be like if they were raised in their original birth order. All of our children were our birthparents' first born. Jakob is the sensitive one--and very cautious for being the "first born" and a boy at that too. Jada--well, she is totally wild and crazy! She is definitely the perfect personality for a strong willed middle child--nothing will ever stop her. And little Jenay. . . it only seems appropriate that she is the baby of the family. She is totally adored by all of us. I am so very blessed beyond words. I look forward to what the future brings. I look forward to an even louder and more chaotic household filled with lots of laughter. I'm sure there will be a lot of yelling too--we are always trying to talk over all the noise! :0) And don't forget the fighting. . . you know that's going to happen. haha! Off to care for my baby. Life is good!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Gotta just love it when baby smiles at Momma! Maybe she just really loves her new "G" diapers. So far I'm diggin' them. . . I'm sick of buying newborn disposables so we got a few of the G's until Jenay grows into our Bum Genius ones. It helps that our infant soakers from our Bum Genius fit into these diapers--it saves us a ton! I am really liking these, though. . .

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