Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Jada!

Tomorrow we will be reaching another milestone in our family.  Jada turns 2!  Yes--she is ONLY turning 2!  She is sassy, always on the go, always hungry, a Nuk addict, so funny, loving, and concerned about everyone else.  She will light your path to a new way of thinking.  She will do things you never thought a 2 year old could do.  She will say things that will amaze you.  She will hold on tight and never let you go until you peel her off--or tell her that dinner is ready and she is at the table in a split second.  I could not imagine my life without her.  I'm no Duff--but I love to make my birthday cakes.  Jada would have probably loved to have a Dora cake, but I managed to make a watermelon cake with homemade totally fattening frosting.  I have sampled some and it is very yummy.  I just hope it doesn't end up on that other website of cakes gone wrong! haha!  Jada has already been in the frosting. . . but has not seen the finished product.  I will finish up the fine details tonight after she is in bed. 

All three kids are napping, not by some miracle, Jakob is actually sick (hence my ability to finally post something).  I wouldn't expect anything less for a weekend packed with plans.  The life with kids--you have to be flexible--that's for sure!  Things are always changing! :0)  Jada is just excited to open her presents--and didn't know about anything else--so if we can't go anywhere, nobody will know the difference.  She's been carrying around the box her grandma and grandpa sent her for two days now!  I should really be wrapping presents, but I guess I'll do that tonight after everyone goes to sleep. 

A few weeks ago jada's birthmother Carmen came to visit.  As always--it was an amazing and wonderful time.  It is easy to see where Jada gets her energy from.  All of our kids adore her (they adore all of the angel mommies in our family).  As tradition follows, me and Carmen stayed up into the wee hours of the night (well, around 1:30am) just hanging out and talking.  I cannot even explain how awesome it is to feel that connection.  I'm happy that it isn't just about Jada and that our relationship is equally important to each other.  (In case you were wondering. . . Craig does participate, but due to the fact that he gets up at 5am for work--he usually has to bow out of our late night chats and go to bed.)  Girl time rocks anyway.  I have had some of my best hours just hanging with my children's first moms.  We talk about everything.  The nitty gritty, the ups, the downs, the boyfriends, the jobs, the kids, pretty much anything.  I think that is so cool.  So today, I am thinking especially about Carmen and how she is feeling.  Wondering if she is happy or sad or both or something completely different.  I just want her to know how much we all love her--and I hope she believes it.

Here is Jada after coming inside. . . at least she is just dirty and not soaking wet this time.  She is a true diva with her sassy voice, "No, pictures please."

Rest up dear Jada--tomorrow is a big big day! 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jesus loves us.

Sometimes I think I'm doing it all wrong. . . until a little conversation like this happens. . . . . 

Jakob: "Mom, when you die, (me thinking, oh no, here we go) you will go to be with Jesus."  (Me thinks okay, this isn't so bad.) 
Me:  "That's right Jakob, when did you get so smart?"
Jakob: "When I die, I will go to be with Jesus."
Me: "Yes Jakob."
Jakob:  "When Jada dies, she will go to be with Jesus."
Me: "Yes Jakob."
Jakob: "And when Dada dies, he will go to be with Jesus."
Me:  "Yes, Jakob."
Jakob:  "And when Jenay dies she will go to be with Jesus too."
Me:  "Yes, Jakob.  When we die, we will all leave the Earth and go to Heaven and we will all be with Jesus together."
Jakob:  "That will be so cool."
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