Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Jada!

My little miss Jada turned three this weekend.  I can hardly believe it!  We've chosen not to have big birthday parties at this point.  Our kids seem to enjoy the quiet chaos of our little family of five.  Time to ponder each gift and really play with the toys.  We had a super fun and busy day....first gymnastics, then the LIFEFEST festival held at a friend's church.  Super cool bounce houses, free games and food!  Perfect for a birthday!  Then we headed home, out of the 100 degree day in into the air conditioning right about melt down time.  Jada took a much needed nap and so did daddy.  Then we made home made pizzas for dinner--ate some cake and opened more presents.  The kids did well together with sharing for the most part.  While they were playing with the ponies, my son was talking and says, "They adopted another baby."--and then he neighs like a horse.  Adoption even changes how my kids play.

Jada does not like going to bed and begs for me to sleep with her.  Being that it was her birthday I crawled right in.  We were having girl talk....well, I was actually just listening to her talk because she always has amazing things to say.  She went on about how there were two people in our family with brown skin and three people in our family with peach skin.  And then she asked me if she was three now, and how old was I (of course I answered honestly), and how old is dad, and how old is Jenay, and how old is Jakob?  I asked her what her favorite part of her birthday was and she said, "cake!"  And she asks me if I'm her only mom.  I say, "No, Carmen is your birthmom, you grew in her tummy."  Jada says, "Oh, Carmen ate me when I was really little?"  "I wonder what kind of food I was with."  She certainly is a hoot!  I said, "Well, actually, you grew in her uterus and not her tummy."  Jada asks, "What is a uterus?"  I thought to myself--we are not going there tonight.  haha!  For now, talking about adoption with my kids is WAY easier than trying to explain the actual process of how babies are made.  We haven't even gotten into female body parts yet.  I am so thankful that we have all three kids' birthmommas in our lives!  Whew!  I know things will probably get more complicated--but maybe not--since it is just our life.  Simple chaos--totally!

You will probably rarely find me in any photos anymore.  I received a really nice camera for our anniversary and am learning how to use it--therefore, nobody else will probably ever be able to snap photos of me!  haha!  I don't mind being a behind the scenes mom.  I am a home body who loves spending time with her children and certainly don't need to be in the spotlight.  I have so much to catch up with on my blog....sorry about my lack of posts.  AND lack of posts that are about us!  It has been a crazy busy fun and wonderful summer so far and I'm trying not to waste a minute of it before school starts!  Ahhhhh, kindergarten, that's a whole post of it's own.  My blessings are incredible!!!
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