Thursday, May 14, 2009

What in the world have you been doing?

I'm sure my three readers have been wondering where the heck I have been. . . Well, Jada turned 9 months old and decided that she was going to get 4 teeth, start crawling, pull herself up, and now cruise the world all in a matter of about two weeks. So, needless to say--we are severely busy at our house! Jakob can be a little rough around the edges at times so the kids are under constant supervision! :0) Although, Jada has him in strength and puts up a good fight for toys! She weighed 21 lbs 5 oz at her 9 month check up and Jakob weighed in at 28 lbs. She is 29 1/4 inches long. I'm sure they will be caught up to each other within the next year or so! I am told that he is a typical oppositional defiant three year old--who is currently refusing to use the potty chair. He may pretend to not want his sister around him at times. . .but nobody is fooled and we know he totally adores her and wants to be exactly like her--so he should be using the potty at around age 5 when Jada is finally trained! :0)

I have started to get serious about my workouts--yes, I know--even trainers have a problem with slacking. I just can't figure out how I have managed to ever so effortlessly gain 20 lbs in the last year. There could very well be a medical explanation. . . but I have to take just a little bit of responsibility for my poor time management, terrible eating habits, and disillusion that I was doing what I should be to lose weight. It has been a very frustrating process--especially since I don't have any summer clothes that fit anymore. I am thankful for the warmer weather. We have been out biking, walking, running and playing at the park and in the yard. It should also help when Jada starts to sleep though the night. . . she has been successful the last two nights! I hope it continues!!! We are exhausted!!!

We are still waiting for the creepy construction guy to finish our sidewalk. He botched the job and now has yet to fix it. Choose wisely when you have work done to your home. It has not been a very positive experience. The good thing about it all is the city of Bloomington is holding our money and actually pays out the contractor--so they don't get their money until we are satisfied and there really is no argument. Too bad, so sad, dude! All that is left is our driveway. I hope the sidewalk is done before they come to finish the driveway. We were able to get all of this stuff done through a program/low interest loan through the city of Bloomington. I'm thankful we can't afford to do anything else--this is way too much stress for my liking! :0) I do know that it will be awesome when it is all done!!

Not much else on the forefront. Just the usual stuff that keeps us as busy as the next family! I can't wait for it to be consistently warm--even if I don't have any shorts that fit! haha! Here's some fun pictures!

Kaiti and Jakob on Birthmother's Day (the Saturday before Mother's Day). We have made it a tradition to spend the day together and celebrate our family. It was a really fun day!! We just hung out, played outside, ate pizza AND McD's, and just talked and talked and talked!

Our awesome bike trailer! There is a screen that comes over the front when we are riding. I am still working on getting a good fit with Jada's helmet. They are so safe in the trailer that the helmets probably aren't really necessary. . . but I just want to get the habit going.

Goofy boy posing for a picture for Kaiti!

Happy girl!

Lounging on a walk. . . ready to fall asleep at any moment!
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