Monday, April 20, 2009

New Friends!

This weekend we hosted a table at the Lutheran Social Services education seminar DOMESTIC ADOPTION WORKS! It was the first time that they hosted an open house seminar like this so they weren't sure what the turn out would be. Jakob's birthmother, Kaiti, came along with us too and we had the opportunity to share our story with several people/couples that were either getting ready to get "into the book" or thinking about adopting domestically. There was a table with birthmoms, our table with Kaiti, two other families like ours with at least one birthfamily member there, two tables who were chosen by birthparents online and one table showing different methods of outreach for adoptive parents other than just waiting in the book. It was really neat to hear other people's stories (only I do wish that we had even more time to spend with the other people participating in the seminar.) We made some new friends and met some people finally, in person, that we have only known through our LSS boards, facebook and blogging so far. I think it is always good to hear other people's stories since adoption is so unique to each and every person. I know I came away from the seminar with some new things to think about myself. It was really fun and we would definitely do it again! My camera kind of isn't the best. . .but here are a few pictures from the day!

This is Matthew flirting with Jada--who could resist those big baby blues? They are about one month apart in age. You can learn more about Matthew's family at A Family of Love. It was so AWESOME to finally meet them in person!!

Jada is exercising again. . . this is after her big brother needed to yell in her face and wake her up.

Jakob and Kaiti hanging out on the floor. I wonder if she was as tired as he was after the long day? (Kaiti came over and hung out with us until about 6pm.) I think we all had a fabulous time!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend was amazing! The weather was just perfect, no work for me (hubby had to go in for a bit on Saturday), and lots of things to do! We went to the zoo on Saturday (hubby's idea). Evidently he still doesn't believe me when I tell him it will be packed because of the holiday. Very large crowds tend to make both me and Jakob a little anxious. Maybe I'm just a little worried he is going to grab someone's face (which he didn't). I nearly flipped when I came out of the restroom and he was playing on the playground with a million other kids without Craig standing right there. I did see him push somebody and I knew something was up when the other kids wouldn't go up the ladder--so I went and got him and we moved on. We weren't there very long and I don't think we even saw any animals. No biggie--we can go back anytime with our membership!

We went to church on Good Friday and visited the nursery when Jada got a little loud for the very quiet and somber service. Things went well--so on Easter Sunday. . .the kids went to the nursery. Jakob could have cared less. I couldn't leave Jada there quite yet and brought her into church. It lasted about 10 minutes. She is just plain too heavy to try to stand and hold her in a very packed church. So I took her back to the nursery. All I have to say is hats off to working moms. Jada was only going to be in the nursery for probably 40 minutes and it still brought me to tears. What am I going to do when my kiddos go to school? It was strange to be somewhere with Craig without the kids.

My mind was wandering during the service and Craig asked if I was thinking about Jada. I was in a way, but thinking more about how our congregation was predominately white. Noticing things that most people wouldn't even think twice about. I saw one black man and one little girl who was most likely biracial--not that it matters--but her skin was like my daughter's skin. I was wondering if we would someday have to search around again for a congregation that better suits our multicultural family. It was a long search to find a church of our religion--that seemed to fit our personality and was reasonably close by. I guess we will have to reassess again and again--because, after all, once you think you've got things down--they change again. I will always pray that our children feel like they can talk to us about anything and will encourage conversation about adoption, race, culture, birth families, interests, dislikes, and whatever else I can get them to talk about. Sometimes I just don't want to think about it and hope it comes naturally--be we all know that isn't the way things work!

It has been a beautiful week! Hence the plain truth that I haven't been online a whole lot. Jada and Jakob went for their first bike ride together in the bike trailer. All I can say is it is going to be a fun summer. Jada fell asleep and Jakob just sucked his thumb and held NUNU. My sister and my nephew are here visiting. It has been so nice to have family around! You would think they would be tired of shopping at the mall. . . . haha! We hit up some rides on Tuesday night--that was a bit scary--but I survived! Well, I better go get the little rebel into sleeping mode or dinner at Chino Latino's tonight will be a nightmare!

You will have to settle for some random pictures as my Easter pictures are on my other computer and I am not nearly a perfectionist in making a perfect blog. I'm more into thinking about eating the rest of the malted milk eggs that are in the kitchen while my kids sleep! YUM!

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