Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Super Undies!

We have a special house full of special kiddos.  We deal with our special issues in very special ways and I don't share with just anyone what those special issues are and how we deal with them.  We do have some potty issues over here.  So far, I'm doing okay....but my three kids (and occasionally my husband, haha) have some problems using the potty.  (Now that we have two very nice bathrooms, thanks to my mom and dad, I hope some of this transition will be easier--or at least easier when clean up is necessary.)  I seriously don't know if my kids are ever going to be able to use the toilet in the way they are supposed to.  I don't need any advice or tips on what to do.  It is just the way that they are.  As pretty much anyone would know, diapers and pull-ups are spendy.  We have used cloth for almost 4 years now.  I've seen some cloth potty training products out there, but after compiling a nice stash of cloth diapers for 3 kiddos, our budget is strapped!

I have been eyeing SUPER UNDIES for quite some time, but I guess I've been stalling, hoping my kiddos would miraculously not need diapers anymore...ha!  And, of course, budget plays a big role.  I don't really need to expand on that.  ANYWAY, I happened to be in the right place at the right time and saw a post on Super Undies' facebook page looking for testers and they felt we would be a great fit!  Woot woot!  We haven't received our product yet, but we get to try out the Nighttime Undies Potty Trainers for my son at night and the Pocket Potty Trainers for my daughter.  I hope these make those number 2 accidents much easier to clean up! Did I say I'm SUPER excited about this?  Can't wait to tell you how they work out!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gift of Adoption domestic adoption grant launch video

There are so many things lately that I have chosen not to blog about for the privacy of our family.  I want to honor my children and sometimes have a difficult time figuring out what is okay to blog about and what is better left off line.  So as a result, my blog has been, well, greatly neglected for quite some time.  I blogged about Gift of Adoption way back in 2010--right here--when we received a grant to help complete Jenay's adoption.

I've had great dreams of giving back at some point what we were granted--even double or triple the amount--so that another family or two or three could be blessed in a time when all you have is the unknown.  So they could feel like what they are doing is truly meant to happen.  So another child or two or three can be united with a forever family.  Well, it has been two years and I still have been unable to fulfill that dream.  I still have great plans and it will happen when we can do it...I just wish we could do it NOW.  So, until then, we will have to help in ways that we are able to help.  When Gift of Adoption asked us to be a part of their Domestic Adoption Fund launch video it was a no brainer.  We hope that our story along with the other three families that were interviewed will help to move many hearts to want to give to Gift of Adoption.  We hope that it will help them understand that they can be a part of making miracles--forever families created through adoption.  We hope that it will inspire them to give...no matter how much or how little it may be.  We hope that they know that our family is REAL and Gift of Adoption helped us to complete our third adoption.  So what are you waiting for.....everyone needs someone to make them cupcakes when they have a bad day....

Friday, May 25, 2012

Um, yes, some long over due photos:

Jenay and her birthmother on Birthmother's Day!  

Jakob and his birthmother on Birthmother's day.

Jada's birthmother lives out of state and was unable to come this year.  We hope she is able to come visit us soon!  We miss her more than she could ever imagine!

Jada being silly!  

Jakob lost his first tooth!  That kind of deserves a post all of its own....He was so excited for the tooth fairy to come visit him and give him a prize.  BUT, he was even more excited for his birthmother Kaiti to see his tooth and was willing to wait for another night to put his tooth under his pillow so Kaiti could see it.  I think that is the most precious thing EVER!  I heard him talking to himself about how he wouldn't be getting a prize that night.  I told him that maybe the tooth fairy would do something out of the ordinary for him since he is such a special boy.  We wrote a note asking the tooth fairy if she could deliver his tooth that night to Kaiti and put it under her pillow for a surprise and then she could keep it forever--and then he could get his special prize for losing his first tooth.  She was very kind and generous and Kaiti was super excited too.  

Being an adoptive mother goes so far beyond what I envisioned motherhood to be.  I can't take the pain from loss that comes with adoption away.  I can't make it less.  I can't even pretend that it doesn't exist.  BUT, I can share in the joys of parenthood.  I can share some of those experiences that we all dreamed for our children--and ourselves--and make it a reality beyond a photo or a letter.  I want it to be real.  I want it to bring a smile to her face.   I want to remind her again and again that we love her.  

My innocent Jenay....so precious!  (and I say innocent with a tad of sarcasm!) haha!

Learning to skate!

Getting a kiss from Molly--grandpa and grandma's dog

Jenay with her aunt Jessica at Easter time.  When I first saw this photo, it made me stare at it for awhile.  How Jenay's reflection appears to be looking right back at her, but she doesn't appear to be looking at her reflection.  It made me think about how Jenay is probably a completely different person outside her body.  It's like her soul saying that our body is just temporary and someday she will be able to move how she wants to move and say what she wants to say without any physical restrictions.  She is a happy happy soul and I am so thankful for that! 

My free spirit.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I often wonder why people blog.  Everyone has a different reason.  It could be just an easy way to share with friends and family who don't live very close to you.  It could be a way to educate others.  It could be a personal therapy, so to speak, a way to get all your emotions out and then, of course, that leads to being a part of a virtual support group when others who can relate to your life find you--or you find them.  I love to share, but I am not always so glamorous with my words.  There are moments I want to shout out to the world to make a point, to argue an opinion, to show people that what they think is impossible can happen, to say I know a lot more than you think, to say I know nothing and need more information, or help, or support.  There are moments I don't want to share at all.  Both good and bad.  Moments so amazing that I don't even think I could put into words exactly how I feel.  Moments so painful that I don't want to make anyone else feel bad or sad.  Moments so cherished that I just plain don't want to share.  But if I don't, how will anyone else know just how amazing life can be through the good and the bad.  I'm feeling super protective lately.  Protective of my family and not wanting to venture out into this cyber world with all the crazy things that can happen.  Heck, I don't even venture far from my own home on most days.  All I can say is God has led me to be exactly where I am supposed to be and it is truly amazing how He has brought all these people into my life to hold me up so I feel confident enough to navigate through this overgrown forest with lots of annoying bugs that keep biting me.  Despite my protectiveness...it might be time to start letting it all out....
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