Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birthmother's Day!

I know there is a lot of controversy about Birthmother's Day.  We celebrate it in our family.  All three of our children's birthmothers  celebrate with us.  We want them to feel honored, loved, and respected.  We want them to know that we feel so blessed that they have chosen us to be their children's parents.  We want them to know that we are forever grateful that they chose life for their babies despite their circumstances.  We want them to know they are part of our family.  We want them to know that we will make it through life's challenges--good and bad--together.  We want them to know that we understand that it will never be easy and that we will all ebb and flow throughout our lives.  Most days we will fit together easy as pie and as with any other family member, there will be challenging days too.  I hope they know that they pretty much made all my dreams come true when ALL THREE of them were able to come over to our home on Birthmother's Day.  There is no possible way that I could put into words what I was feeling on that very special day.  I hope we can manage to do that again in the future.  I have the BEST photo ever of all three together with their babies.  I will cherish it until no end!  I can't post my favorite for privacy reasons...but here's a couple more of my favorites!

Tanisha and Jenay
Jenay was so happy to be around Tanisha!  She was chirping and talking up a storm the ENTIRE time!  We are so very blessed that she was able to make it!

Kaiti reading to Jada and Jakob.  I'm surprised they are not both on top of her!

Kaiti and Jakob--they have the same smile!

I love this one!  Proof that Jada's beautiful birthmother was here....but yet, maintaining her privacy. 

I certainly would not have been a mother without these three extraordinary women.  I certainly would not have been the same kind of mother I am now without open adoption--without having the privilege of knowing these women (Jada's birthmother started out wanting a closed adoption).  It is truly a miracle that we were all together for a day and I will cherish that in my heart FOREVER!  I feel every ounce of heart ache and pain that comes parallel with the joy and celebration of our children.  That is why I believe that these mothers deserve recognition on their own day.  And we celebrate with their blessings. 
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