Thursday, January 14, 2010


We are officially homestudy approved as of 1/4/2010! Yeah! I can't believe we are starting the adoption journey again! I am so excited! Currently, we are on a waiting list to get into the book. We are #5 to be exact. It may take a few months to get into the book, but we are thankful that we are done with all the nitty gritty paper work and our profile. I still have to work on our photo album (an extra item for those interested to page through). I've been plagued with all kinds of viruses (me, not my computer) lately and just couldn't even sit at the computer to work on it. Now, I'm playing catch up with disinfecting the house, getting laundry done, reading everyone else's blogs, watching American Idol, listing things on craigslist to make more space in our house and save money for the adoption (even if it is only $5 or $10 every now and then), and just having to be the eagle eye for my dare devil Jada who insists on climbing everything. I really can't get anything done unless she is sleeping. She has graduated into a toddler bed--since she climbs out of her crib--so keeping her in bed is even more of a challenge.

Christmas was fun!! It was awesome to have all of our family make it to mom and dad's with the bad weather. Aside from the fact that Jakob had pneumonia and Jada had an ear infection. It really hasn't been a lucky winter for us in the health department! But, Jada and I were able to show off our matching"Lucky Brand" shirts on Christmas day. Jakob stayed in his pj's for a couple of days. . . they were so soft and warm! Thanks Carmen! Hope 2010 brings everyone the blessings they have hoped for!

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