Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I often wonder why people blog.  Everyone has a different reason.  It could be just an easy way to share with friends and family who don't live very close to you.  It could be a way to educate others.  It could be a personal therapy, so to speak, a way to get all your emotions out and then, of course, that leads to being a part of a virtual support group when others who can relate to your life find you--or you find them.  I love to share, but I am not always so glamorous with my words.  There are moments I want to shout out to the world to make a point, to argue an opinion, to show people that what they think is impossible can happen, to say I know a lot more than you think, to say I know nothing and need more information, or help, or support.  There are moments I don't want to share at all.  Both good and bad.  Moments so amazing that I don't even think I could put into words exactly how I feel.  Moments so painful that I don't want to make anyone else feel bad or sad.  Moments so cherished that I just plain don't want to share.  But if I don't, how will anyone else know just how amazing life can be through the good and the bad.  I'm feeling super protective lately.  Protective of my family and not wanting to venture out into this cyber world with all the crazy things that can happen.  Heck, I don't even venture far from my own home on most days.  All I can say is God has led me to be exactly where I am supposed to be and it is truly amazing how He has brought all these people into my life to hold me up so I feel confident enough to navigate through this overgrown forest with lots of annoying bugs that keep biting me.  Despite my might be time to start letting it all out....

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