Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gift of Adoption domestic adoption grant launch video

There are so many things lately that I have chosen not to blog about for the privacy of our family.  I want to honor my children and sometimes have a difficult time figuring out what is okay to blog about and what is better left off line.  So as a result, my blog has been, well, greatly neglected for quite some time.  I blogged about Gift of Adoption way back in 2010--right here--when we received a grant to help complete Jenay's adoption.

I've had great dreams of giving back at some point what we were granted--even double or triple the amount--so that another family or two or three could be blessed in a time when all you have is the unknown.  So they could feel like what they are doing is truly meant to happen.  So another child or two or three can be united with a forever family.  Well, it has been two years and I still have been unable to fulfill that dream.  I still have great plans and it will happen when we can do it...I just wish we could do it NOW.  So, until then, we will have to help in ways that we are able to help.  When Gift of Adoption asked us to be a part of their Domestic Adoption Fund launch video it was a no brainer.  We hope that our story along with the other three families that were interviewed will help to move many hearts to want to give to Gift of Adoption.  We hope that it will help them understand that they can be a part of making miracles--forever families created through adoption.  We hope that it will inspire them to matter how much or how little it may be.  We hope that they know that our family is REAL and Gift of Adoption helped us to complete our third adoption.  So what are you waiting for.....everyone needs someone to make them cupcakes when they have a bad day....

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